Saturday, May 13, 2006


Hey you all! We've finally come out of the stone age over here (or at least I have, Missi informed me just now that she has not been, she just didn't have the address so she says, WHATEVER!). So anyway, if you don't know we don't have a computer at home, or least not internet, so we won't be able to enter in much but will check in whenever we can.
If anyone doesn't already know, Missi is still nannying for a family with two girls in MPLS. The pay is better than the daycare center with only two kids to watch over versus ten or more. June 26 her bosses are going to France for a vacation and the dad said if Missi doesn't go to help with the kids, he's not going either. So off she goes to Europe for a week. They're going to the South of France and renting a house where Missi will have the guest house all to herself. Anyone who can help me out-I've always wondered why the French think they are so special that the southern part of their country is the South of France-not southern, or lower, or anything but the South, capitalized no less. OK I'll get off the soap box now and get back to the tee box.

I've been spending a lot of my time at work and the rest of it at the golf course, just ask Missi-she'll tell you. I'm fortunate to be working for the framing company that I am as construction in the Metro area is slowing down. A lot of our competitors are starting to suffer, some of the bigger ones are having to lay off some people or at least cut hours. Some of the smaller ones are out of business or nearly there. We have so many customers that our workload is somewhat steady. We aren't as busy as we were last summer, but still working overtime. (last summer I was working 10-12 hour days 6 days a week, doesn't leave near enough time for golf.)

We are at Ma & Pa's at the moment checking out the place for the first time and using their computer. Going from here to Gary and Laurie's for the evening and the morning. Planning on golfing with Gary on Sunday morning (9 holes at Eveleth). Hope the weather holds out for that-been raining a lot lately.

Hear through the grape vines that AZ Kuoppalas are coming up here next week, Frans I'll try to call you this week sometime to confirm, but will plan on making a tee time for early Sunday morning. Will try to talk Dave into going, but don't really plan on succeeding on that one. (probably will ask Chuck-Missi's aunt's friend) to fill out a threesome so can make a tee time. Plan on Fountain Valley 5 min. from Dave and Jody's.

Anyway, my arms and fingers are starting to cramp up as haven't typed in years. Should probably go and finnish the tour of the apartment. We got to the spare room and started to check out the computer and whatnot and ended up reading the blogs and haven't left in a quite a while. See you all sometime, will try to blog you all back before then.

Ivan and Missi


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

welcome to the 21st century! good to hear from you.

Missi, let me know if you need any help in the South of France - what a deal - i look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Glad to see you aboard. You'll have to start stopping at a coffee shop or the library to and from the golf course to update on life in your corner of the world.