Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anita's Green Monday

I spent the morning scrubbing the house for a visit from a cabinet refacing sales person. As I was scrubbing I spied Tia's frog. She had won this thing from the school prize box & was informed by a boy at school that it would grow if kept in water. So, it has moved from water bucket to water bowl .... and had been it's last resting place a little too long. I went to dump the water and the frog seemed slimey to me. So, being as the dishwasher was open ... I've shoved plenty of kids toys through there ... I popped froggy into the machine. Loaded the soap and turned the dial. Froggy bath coming right up.

Several hours later Anna & Tia came home from school. Tia opens the dishwasher and says, "mom, what is this green soap you are using ... it is everywhere!". I couldn't figure out what was all over the dishwasher. Silly soap! Tia went to use the bathroom while Anna & I stared at the "soap" disaster. ... and the light bulb went off. It wasn't soap. It was froggy! Let me tell you that the only piece of froggy that was left was down in the bottom of dishwasher and appeared to be about the size of chewing gum. The rest of froggy ... green stuck spot on glass, bowls, forks, spoons, coffee cups, the silverware basket, the top of every pokey uppy plate divider. Froggy was seriously splattered. I told Anna "let's not tell Tia what this is" ... and we had to just giggle. I must say I came clean ... the dishwasher never will! Tia thinks it was mighty silly. I used so much goo gone, threw away too many dishes ... and still have a frog spotted dishwasher that is really quite disturbing/disgusting/diseased looking.

So ... we're glad Monday is over!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Too funny!!!
I now know what NOT to put in my dishwasher.
Have a great Tuesday!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

:-) !!! -b