Monday, August 13, 2007

Life at our house

Here's a review of our weekend:
Friday night: not much, chores, etc. and can't remember what else.
Saturday: I went for a bike ride and did the whole 51 miles. It was hot, I was exhausted, but feel good about it today. Yesterday, I still struggled with trying to sit in a chair, but am seriously considering going for a bike ride tonight. If it's raining, will have to do it on my exercise bike inside. Here's a challenge for those that are up to it: Join me next year for the Great River Energy Ride down the Mesabi Trail.
Sunday: church at Randy's then Mom, Isa, and Ruthie came over. Mom wanted me to post this picture of Shawn's work trailer. He sold his truck to get a trailer. It saves a lot of time and energy as everything is in there and makes it a lot easier to commute to job sites. The first place it went was to Steve's and he put in shelving and everything has a spot. Steve even put in a broom, rags, garbage bags, etc.
Some homes have company and you visit in the living room, dining room, around the kitchen table or even out on a deck. Not at our house. It appears that the visiting takes place in the pasture:
Mom is thinking, "oh these girls are so cute and so friendly"....

That thought quickly changes to: "that's why I moved and don't have goats....."

"Oh but they are so cute when they're so little..."

Personally, I think the little one looks a bit like an ape. Not exactly sure how that happened....

My little ones are doing well. They are growing, moving around a lot better, and momma continues to be awesome in caring for them. I'm so glad she's doing a great job.
Sunday evening, Mom, Isa, and Ruthie came back for dinner. Velma had called to bring me grass clippings for my goats, so she brought over a bag and was able to visit. Walter and Sylvia then came to see the goats as well. It was funny, Shawn gets home and there is a houseful. When he's away, I tend to play.
How did the weekend go for everyone else?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

that one does look like an ape..cute! sounds like a fun weekend. Frans wants to buy a bike one of these days. maybe that's what I'll do when the girls go for a nap...look on craigslist for one.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

My tush bones were sore too and I only did 30 miles, to and from Buhl to Virginia. I don't think I would have been able to do the whole thing. I was soooo exhausted, almost fell asleep at the park. Great job Heather! I gotta come see the baby goats. How cute!!!!! lk&t

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

those things are just dolls! denise is sooo excited to come up there. i wish i could go up there on the 22nd to bring her stuff but i will be at pre-c. -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

What time is Denise and her belongings coming on the 22nd?

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

All the animals are so cute.
Didn't want the kittens to rub
against me so I'd smell for cat
when I go in. The chicken area
certainly has an odor!! Otherwise
they have lots of area to roam so
no odor as from those more

My thought while there; it won't be
as easy when winter comes to take
care of them all.

Denise wondered if we'd visit the
Range when she is there. Said we
don't go often but yes, we will visit.

Perhaps Becky or Debbie will post
about the shower. dk