Wednesday, August 01, 2007

bridge collapse

Just read on the internet of the 35w bridge over the mississippi collapsed. Pretty scary! Good thing noone we know was driving on it at the time!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I called my sister who just recently got married in June. She did not know about the bridge and I aaked her where Jeff (her husband) was. She had been trying to get ahold of him for over an hour as I then learned he had been heading in that direction. I told her to turn on the news and it was then that the panic struck home. Dave tried calling him, my sister tried calling him but no answer. We started scanning the TV coverage for a blue pickup holding our breath. FINALLY, the call came in, he was ok, he had taken a different route but could not get through because all of the phone lines were jammed and he did not even know then that the bridge had collapsed. Reality set in...we may be over weight but we are alive, we may have jobs that we really don't like, but we are working, we may have teenagers that think they know everything but at least they are here to reason with. Not all were as fortunate. A friend of my Niece is still missing her father. Have not heard if they have received any news yet or if he has been found or if he is safe. My brother had been on that bridge twice the day it happened making deliveries for work. We thank God that our family is safe but my heart goes out to those that did not survive and to those that lost someone they knew or loved. What a tradegy! We were watching the news when they broke in with the local coverage and we just started calling our family and friends that may have been at that end of town to make sure everyone was home safe, as I am sure is what everyone else was doing as well which caused the phones to jam. A disaster that will be remembered for a long time to come. I have never been very comfortable going over bridges but who would think that one would just fall down.
Take care all!
Farmington Jo

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

The collapse stirs up many emotions and gives pause to consider how quickly death can come.

Thanks to all who called to see if we were ok. For everyone living in the cities, the bridge is one that is often taken. Eric went that way the day before; Wayne the week before... It was a main thoroughfare.

One of Eric's mentors, the former liason officer at the school and deputy with Wright Cty, is part of the recovery team. He has shared personal experiences with Eric. The mother Michelle nannys for headed toward the bridge, but turned around, deciding to get more work done before going home. Had she not turned around, timing would have had her on the bridge. We went into an operation orange standby at work, taking two of the victims and additional diverted patients. The last operation orange drill I was involved in was, ironically, a bridge collapse. Not over the Missisippi, but a bridge collapse none-the-less. The drills paid off as they were put into play in the emergency efforts Wednesday night. With a tragedy of this magnitude, everyone has a story to tell!

It is good to reflect, as Jodi did, on the good fortune that we have. We can be thankful for life and even the smallest blessings in each day. We just need reminders to focus on them.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Jody, what's the news on the father
of your niece's friend?

It is amazing that so few lives
were lost. Did you catch the news
where one fellow was driving and
noticed someone he had worked with
previously driving a bakery truck
and they waved at each other. The
bakery truck driver didn't make it.

Time to go. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Yes the friend of my niece did find their father, he was safe but devistated by the timing of everything. I am not sure what all happened but have been told that it will be a life changing event for him as well as many others. We did catch the coverage (interview) about the 2 truck drivers passing and waving as they did know each other, the bakery truck yielded and actually let him in on the brigde. The UPS truck driver saw the bakery truck driver as his truck went up in flames and his only peace (with his interview) was that he later learned that it was the crash that killed him instantly and not the fire. He also saw a man in the water trying to locate his daughter right after it happened. For all of us it is a reminder that things can change in an instant, as Becky said. It is a wake up call for many, live life, love long and strong, forgive others, hug your family each morning, show kindness, thank God!
Love you all!
Farmington Jo!