Saturday, February 10, 2007

In the middle of Montana...

Wayne is getting to know his future daughter in law... Her parents were planning to help her move here soon, but a job interview pushed things up a little. Rather than making an extra flight, it was decided she would drive here now with all her stuff. Well, nobody liked the idea of her driving alone and her parents couldn't drive her in time for her interview, but Eric was able to arrange things so that Wayne could fly out and drive her back. He flew into Seattle around midnight Friday morning and they took off driving, stopping in Spokane. After sleeping a couple hours, Rosie spent some time with her sister and Wayne was able to have lunch with Ed. They made it through the mountains fine, but shortly east of Billings, her trani gave out. They were able to limp back to Billings very slowly. Very nice people at a garage there verified the problem and told them it would take a week to fix. First plan was to get a UHaul and dollie and tow the car home. The garage guys gave them a ride to UHaul. The contract was over $800! Add to that terrible gas mileage. After many phone calls and much brainstorming, they returned the UHaul and rented a car. Her car is getting left for repair at the garage in Billings. They are now on their way with the rental which she will be able to use all week. Then, next weekend, they will make another dash west to return the rental and pick up her car. What do you do??? Nothing like getting to know how the in-laws (both kids and parents) will do under stress! I will be happy to see them pull in early in the morning and hear Rosie's famous, "It's all good."

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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Well B
Tell wayne all in good fun!!!
I must say I was a bummed to find out that we will miss each other that week end. I was thinking of the fun we could have had, and a great visit. It will be the last time you will visit us here in Arizona. But there is alway Alaska!!!! Unless you wish to help us move.You drive for us and we will fly.. (LOL) Well got to get to bed