Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good Old House

Well the doors are all on..... three bedrooms done.. but a few touch-ups here and there. I am down to our bedroom and the laundry room and that should do it ... ha,ha... Need to finish every thing to put the house up for sale. Off to Bryans wedding next week.. then home. Same day I get home, R&D will be here... then winter services, three days later. To Alaska a week later after services to find another fixer-upper and the old home still needs work .... I think I'm going to cry.... :( just no time. Oh well all in good fun. Hope you all are having fun like me.


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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Congrats on all the progress Jari! I am anxious to see it - only wish it was a weekend when you were home to show me what all you've done. Had I know that Wayne was getting me tickets, I would have advised different dates. Oh well, we can wave at each other as we pass in the sky. Remember to take a cupala pairs a lung john's cuz it's a bit chilly here right now. (I think the mercury is heading over the zero mark next week.)

If you get lonesome for remodeling projects while away from home, I have a list started for you.