Friday, February 09, 2007

Construction continues

Our living room floor is done. It has been installed, sanded, sealed, sanded, sealed.... and is now completed. Yesterday, Steve, Shawn, and Randy were putting up the wood around our living room walls, bay window, bookshelf, and will be doing the rest of it today. Then, the project will be to sand and seal it. Hopefully this gets done today, so I can sand it tonight and seal it tonight. Then, for the clean up. The plan next week is to finish the bathroom and start laying tile in the bathroom and hallway. It's fun to get a new floor and I've enjoyed going out shopping for felt and other protection so my new floors don't get scratched. We won't move anything into to the living room until it has been protected. We'll see how long it is before we have a big scratch in the floor. The finer details such as molding and trim will be some time before it is completed.

How are the other home projects going? Anita/Jari? Frans/Jenny?

How is everyone surviving the slightly chilly weather? It is supposed to be warming up now and at 10 degrees it is feeling a bit like a heat wave. The guys would go outside and saw wood on the table saw in their short sleeved shirts. Can tell it is warming up - okay it was only 10 degrees, but it felt warm.


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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I am going to come up as soon as possible and take my camera along so Debbie :-) can post pictures of your project for all to see your hard work!

Yes, the weather has been lovely! Downright refreshing! The kids have been going to play outside hockey most days. I have gotten in a good walk here and there. My thighs get a little cold cuz I don't wear long johns, and my toes ready for a warm up when I get back, but it is refreshing!

Steven got some frostbite on his ear the other evening when playing hockey. He didn't have a hat on, but just pulled his sweatshirt hood over his head when Wayne chewed him out. When it is below zero, the result is a red, swollen and blistered ear. He will probably remember the hat from now on.

Stay warm; keep the projects go'en.