Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I brought Lindsey to school this morning, and thought I'd surprise Frans and put down the grass seed before he got home from work. I spent about 45 minutes in Ace Hardware with the girls, trying to figure out which seed and mulch to buy. I had to buy some new weed whacker string and a new hose too, because we only have one, and I am not going to be carting it to and from the backyard twice a day! So I got my excersize for the day lifting these 50 pound bags out of the van....some nice fellow helped me put them into the van at Ace. Well, I got home to find the weed whacker was out of needs to be gas and oil mixed. So Frans will have to stop on his way home to get some. So we vacuumed out the van, and went to story time at the library, and now are home, and Toni and Alanys are napping.
Here is Kierstyn all dolled up....she loves playing dress up when Lindsey is at school and the other two are napping! She keeps saying, "am I the prettiest princess?" This is my girl who couldn't care less if her shirt was striped, and her skirt was polk-a-dot, and she had mismatched shoes on...brush my hair? Why mom?! She doesn't sound like Frans' daughter does she?? So I just love when she plays dress up:)
How is the campaigning going Liz? What are you gonna do when it's too cold to bike outdoors Heather? I can't believe it is snowing there Heather!! It is so balmy here! Hard to imagine snow!
Frans and I are trying to budget our money, and have started paying cash for groceries and gas. Mainly just to see where our money is going. I saved all my receipts for September and sat down last night to itemize everything. I realized that I went to the grocery store about 16 times last month...and that isn't counting my target/wallmart runs! So I called Anita to try figure out if the amount I am spending on groceries is way too much or too little compared to others! And also to try figure out a way to go to the grocery store only once a week instead of 6 times a week! So I made some lists....I listed all my meals I make, (and some I'm going to start making, thanks Anita!), and all the ingredients, etc I need to go with the meal. I also listed everything else I buy like TP, cleaning supplies, health/beauty, etc.. So now I am going to plan my meals for the month, and try do my shopping for the whole month in one trip. So before I go to the store, I am going to go down my list and figure out everything I need! Hopefully this works, and cuts down on my trips to the store. I will run to the store for one thing and leave with 12! Which results in higher grocery bills I'm convinced! Even if you are getting stuff you 'need'! Wish me luck, I will let you all know how it goes!
Well, I better get running, need to wake the girls up and go pick up Lindsey!
I would love to see pictures from everyone too!!!! I am not about to put a picture on of my laundry pile, I would feel too guilty for sitting on the computer!
have a great rest of the week everyone!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

kierstyn is so cute in dress up:) so is toni, alanys, and lindsey.. i just love that picture!! well have a great one!:)
-anna marjanen

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Maybe we should go to Super Wally World together, Jenny! Imagine the looks we would get. We each push one cart and pull another ... then try and fit it all in the car. Might have to leave the kids behind ... probably in the goodie aisle ... as they wouldn't fit it in the car when we were done. Costco once a month is fun when you have 5 kids with you. Almost need a roof rack. Tia gets stuck with a box on her lap that has Ranch dressing, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, apple sauce and milk. Box is heavier than she is!

Good luck with the meal plan. Becky probably has some awesome ideas on making the buck stretch in the food department. Probably makes foods I've never heard of as well. (Things like breakfast??)


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Becky has been doing a menu for
years and shops according to that
or makes menu according to what's
on sale, am not sure which. When
I baby sit, kids always know what's
for dinner and usually help with it
which is great for Grandma! dk