Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is this gray on my head really just blonde stuff coming through?

The title of this post is a serious question. Do not laugh.

While I was in nursing school I found that if I went to Super Walmart (Sorry about that Shawn) once a month and did a massive grocery shopping, I usually had food in the house. You can do a lot with cream of mushroom soup and the likes. Lately I've been going to Costco. Great that you have pickles in the house, but doesn't do much for the dinner menu. So, today Brock & I went to Walmart. Two carts full of food ... and I mean staple sort of things. That means the only junk food I bought today wasn't even really junk food!

Here is the "blonde" part.

Why didn't I turn around when I was halfway there?

Jari called, when I was halfway to the store, with the exciting news that our kitchen cabinets will be ready to be picked up on Saturday.

Do you have any clue what that means???

I just filled all the cupboards with food. All those soup cans, tomato sauce cans, spaghetti sauce bottles, ziploc bags, etc. all have to move.

Am very excited that the soup is here, but where do I put it all on Saturday when I have to move out the kitchen?

Coulda, shoulda, woulda really survived until next Wednesday ... I think.

Am scrapbooking a book about my house. Am going to do a 12x12 book that shows life here. Told Jenny that I wouldn't take a picture of the kitchen unless it was "cleaned" first. So, will snap pics of before and after ... hopefully we'll have new pics to blog a week from now!!!

My other question is: do you suppose I'm getting countertops? I never picked any out.



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I was just wondering about countertops the other day, because I have never heard you mention them! Have you figured it out yet?

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Are they in yet? How about the counter tops? You just might need to change your mind and stay put when it is all done :-)