Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not much happening this fall?

The blog has been quiet for awhile. How is everyone? Enjoying fall? Watching the turbulent stock market and the political races? Keeping busy getting things done before winter hits? Canning tomatoes? Squeezing in school conferences, field trips, and homework assignments?

From our corner, the answer is a continuous yes. We have had a beautiful fall and it promises to continue that way. We were part of a fundraiser for the church building fund, termed the Fall Festival and Pig Roast. The weather was perfect. Wagon rides were a bit nippy, but half the sky was clear and filled with the stars. A bon fire kept people warm. A pole shed served as the dining hall and farmer's market. It was a fun and profitable evening.

We have been including Wayne in our lives as much as possible, but have been doing that long distance. He went to Peurto Rico on the first of September. He came home last weekend for two days and is back there now. If he makes it home in time, he will come with us to Leah and Jeremy's wedding. He needs to be in Colorado next week. We are very thankful for cell phones, digital photos and computers. They help shrink the distance between us. In today's economy, we are very thankful that he has a job (even one he enjoys). His travels bring geography to life for the kids. They track his travels on a big wall map and learn a bit about those areas through his pictures and stories.

Steven planted a garden in a raised bed he built. After the spring hail storm, he needed to replant it. It was worth it. We have been eating delicious tomatoes and cucumbers. I even canned a few pints! Maybe next year, the garden will expand. He enjoys that kind of thing. This past weekend we brought pumpkins home from an apple orchard. Steven cut some up and made homemade pumpkin pie from the fresh pumpkin. Pretty awesome!

Fall also brings a few more bugs, but so far, we have been pretty healthy. Laura needed antibiotics for an ear infection and Debbie needed a course of steroids to try kick a bout of asthma. We can't get by without the normal stomach things and cold things here and there. I won't complain...

Enough blabbing. Time to get some work done before calling it a day. Enjoy the fall!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Not much going on around here. Just enjoying the changing of the leaves, but it is almost over. The wind is blowing them down :(

The garden didn't produce this year. Has a minor thing to do with the lack of water and the goats, chickens and turkeys getting into the garden :)

Just doing chores, chores, and more chores. Got 50 baby chickens to raise and then butcher, feeding pigs to butcher, contemplating getting more steers so we can butcher them this fall, and feeding some goats to butcher. Am taking orders for chickens, pigs, beef, and goat. Also continuing to pick eggs daily and selling them and feeding our other goats, donkeys, birds, and cattle.

Also helping Shawn with wood splitting as he is selling wood. We have to finish 12 cords and then move on to some other wood that he is going to sell. Hoping to get to our own wood soon, maybe this weekend?!?

Put a fire in my woodstove last night for the first time. It's been getting cold at night and thought we would solve that problem. Woke up just sweating during the night and the house was only at 66 :). Shawn is hoping our new little babina will like it cold as we do not keep our house very warm!

Shawn is working on getting 2 pole sheds built for customers, a deck, and repairing a roof. Hope to have it all done before the snow starts to fly. I just continue plugging away with work :)

Hope everyone else is enjoying fall and the projects that come along with it!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

No I'm not enjoying fall and the bitter cold that comes after as I've got a ton of things to get done before that happens. Little things like; setting 8 more windows, replacing pieces of siding, installing ex. trim, painting, electrical, and insulation! Busy, busy, busy. This going to work everyday really gets in the way of getting things done doesn't it? Catch you later. Ivan

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I'm with you Ivan. The work thing could really take a hike, but am thankful to have a job so close.

I took down the terra cotta pots off the outside steps today. Was told at work today that they will probably freeze and crack. So, to the compost heap with the flowers. I really don't know what kind of winterizing things I'm supposed to be doing around here. Never done this before in my adult life. :)

Chickens are growing. Don't know why we need rabbits ... they don't do anything but eat and poop. The puppy growls like crazy, isn't trained and is cute as a bug when she plays with the kitten.

I've been hitting the chocolate and this is not good. Well .... packing on weight for winter ... maybe I'll be warmer!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Anita, thank you so much! i was wondering why i bought that bag of chocolates, but now I know! This fall has been fun for me!

Made a trip to Brainerd, while mom and isa were gone. Did some visiting. Bob and Lorraine had taken me out for dinner which I thought was cute and fun! Made a trip to the Range to take pictures of fall leaves. Heather and I finally found two nice trees in Cook and the deer farm in Orr. Will post pictures hopefully soon. Last weekend was fall services in Cokato. Lots of visiting! On the way home stopped in at Ivan and Missi's to see their house. I feel so bad that it has taken so long for me to get there since I'm less then an hour from them! This coming weekend will be spent in Brainerd. And the following I believe I will be attending a party in Coon Rapids. Hopefully, I can get some visiting in in Otsego, Elk River and Big Lake!

That's my life. Not canning any veggies, but sure am following the political races!