Friday, October 31, 2008

It worked

by posting a comment I can get on to make a new blog entry! Thought this would be the
quickest way to let everyone know that Darrell Vosahlo from Grand Bay, Alabama, passed
away unexpectedly Wed. at 10 p.m. They were at the Himango Reunion. Ruth's dad was
Roy Himango, Sam's son. They were in Minnesota in July on the way to a class reunion out
west but we couldn't meet them as were leaving for Cokato-Dassel High School for summer
services. Sandy and Andy Anderson did meet with them at a restaurant on 61 near I-35.
The last time we were in Grand Bay Ruth had just come home from the hospital after rectal
cancer surgery. Darrell served us some boiled shrimp. Forgot to take the bag of pecans so
Darrell came to our motel and brought the pecans. Still have some in the freezer. I remember
when they stopped at the farm, Ruth asked Elizabeth her age! Remember that?! Their son
sent a notice to everyone on Darrell's e-mail list.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I remember when Darrel and Ruth came to the house. They had pannakku for breakfast along with canteloupe and muffins. I will always remember Darrel talking about that! The stories that they both shared regarding the Nixon's has stayed with me all this time. Always anxious to get reports from Mom when a hurricane was hitting that area, to make sure they were okay. Once again, just need to be thankful that that reunion was held so I could meet them. We have some very fun relatives! I think of how fortunate Mom and Isa have been, how they have been able to travel and see Ruth and Darrel and our other relatives! Enough sappiness. . .

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for bringing back some
memories Jen. dk