Monday, September 15, 2008

Another AK week flies right on by ....

Jari came home on Wednesday! After being gone 3 1/2 weeks, we were more than ready to see him again. Hard to believe that the kids had started school since he left. Time flies. He's home now until September 28th. I would have never thought that we'd be living like this. Nothing is forever tho', so we just take it each 3 weeks at a time.

We have been enjoying having Blayde with us. He has been able to do some hiking and see Hatcher's Pass. Has managed to get in some roofing on the shed with Shane, running around with Amber, and tonite got to experience the packaging of caribou.

We welcomed Ross & Denise Hillukka & family to town on Wednesday. They just moved up ehre with 8 kiddos. We are thrilled to have them here. They came over here for dinner on Friday evening and then we were joined by a few others. Makes our home feel a little cozy ... good for building new friendships!

Demetra, the puppy, is quite cute and sometimes a royal pain in the tush. We have never done the puppy training thing before and totally confused her. Bought those puppy pooping pads for her. Put one upstairs and one downstairs ... then she thought that she needed to go both places. It is getting much better. She and the kitten play like crazy. Duke has taken on "daddy" role. Won't let her go down the driveway. Quite fun to watch.

Speaking of Duke ... he is in hog heaven tonite. Kevin came home with a caribou which he and Shane processed today in the mud room. I think Duke is going to lay out in the grass until morning just gnawing on that bone. (Good thing he doesn't know there are more where that one came from!) My freezer is smiling ... and so am I. Why I bought all this bread tonite at the store is a bit beyond me ... hmmm ... don't know where that's going to go.

Jari has been busy with projects since coming home. Have the doggy door in. The silly thing has 2 pieces and Duke sort of bumps a part of it off when he goes through. So ... Jari add an entry way on the outside of the house for the dog door. Yippee! The rabbits got a new house today. Now he's working on the basement. The wiring here stinks. Blow the GFI in the bathroom and the lights in the mudroom go out. A little at a time and it will be all redone ... and make sense. So, in between playing with wires, removing walls and cupboards, and anything else that needs doing down there .... we need a chicken coop. Paid $3.09 a dozen for eggs this evening at Fred Meyer. They certainly weren't on sale and I needed them regardless. I think I need several chickens ... no, I know I do. Heather, I need to know if your chickens lay eggs all winter long and what I need to do to ensure that they do ... lights, heat etc.

Anna is going on a field trip tomorrow. After seeing so many permission slips come through the house for field trips to a Cultural Arts type of thing, am thrilled that she actually has to pack along waders to go on this one ... gotta love science class!

Fall is here, but you'd never know it. My confused tomato plants are still blooming and starting new itty bitty tomatoes. May have a BLT by Christmas at this rate. The weather has been a bit on the wet side, but today gave us beautiful sunshine. Take a nap on the couch on the deck with a blanket and catch some rays kind of day. Absolutely beautiful!!

P.S. If you read this before I get pictures added .... I'll be back. My hubby is sitting at the computer that has all the photos on it right now.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Sounds like your busy. #9

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

How long is Blayde staying in AK? dk