Monday, September 01, 2008

Anita's week in a nutshell

It's been a busy one again. A good busy ... a fun one.

Last Sunday we took a jaunt to Anchorage. Stopped in at the hospital to visit Lisa (Schwab) Wuollet who was in premature labor and has been camped in the hospital for awhile. Things are looking good and she may be able to come home in about a week ... as long as she does NOTHING. Hmmm.

Monday, after a shift at work, we went to the State Fair. Was dreading going. My mind had Arizona State Fair images dancing around in it. Decided after going here that next year I'll plan an entire day to spend there. Fun! Feels like several county fairs all rolled up in one. Missed seeing the gigantic vegies and didn't bring a camera. Next year will be a must.
Tuesday ... a trip to Walmart. Have a love/hate relationship with that place. Hate the register part of the deal. Sinuses were bugging me big time.

Wednesday to Bible Class in the evening. Now the throat has a scratch that keeps me coughing. Drinking water like I'll never see it again to help the coffee induced dehydration that is causing sinus issues.
Thursday I felt like crud and went to work anyway. Hit the floor running and didn't stop 'til I left. Earned every penny and tried not to breathe on too many folks. Came home and crashed for a while. Then the nose started dripping ... fast dripping ... quick, grap a roll of paper towel dripping! Beyond miserable. Called in sick for Friday.
Friday I slept in ... was semi conscious when the kids left for school. Nap in the afternoon ... and didn't feel too bad. Faucet had shut off and altho' my head felt like I'd been kicked ... not bad. Went visiting in the evening. :)
Saturday was absolutely gorgeous around here. Brock vacuumed out vehicles ... and I washed them. Anything to be outside. Finally braved a look at the pea plants. Not only had slugs done their job ... so did the moose. Pulled the rest of them out. Sat outside with a camera for awhile snapping some pictures. Pulled more weeds. Cleaned out rhubarb and did a wee bit of yardwork. Read an ENTIRE book. :) In the evening we went to Amber & Ryan's for Ryan's birthday party.

Today, Sunday, was a lazy one. Perfect. I did pick zucchini today and made bread and muffins. Was on kitchen committee at church this evening. Then we went to a bonfire. Home again and it's nearly midnight. I really should be going to bed. I'm getting there ... slowly.

Tomorrow I am going to try and go blueberry picking. Hoping to find something. A cup of them if nothing else. A lot more ... we eat a lot of ice cream around here and I have oodles of buckets ... would be awesome. Maybe I'd even learn to make some pie!

You all have a safe Labor Day and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Is that Lisa's second pregnancy?
We went to the MN State Fair. Sure
lots to look at. Next year we'll have a better idea what to skip and
to spend more time on others. Also
hope to eat gyros, cheese curds,
chocolate dipped bacon, etc. Had
kind of regular food this year. Will avoid Sweet Martha's cookies
as broke promise to myself not to have cookies in August. I'll try for no cookies in Sept. Frans called; told him about going to the
Fair. He said AZ's fair is a place
not to go to. dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Yes, it is Lisa's second. Her first was about 6 weeks early I think.
The only thing I ate at the fair was fennel cake. Couldn't find fry bread and figured it was kind of close. Next year I'll go for cheese curds. :)
You should be here at State Fair time next year. That would be fun! Come and see all the vegies. And the quilts. Oh my goodness. Never have I seen that many quilts in one spot. This is quilters paradise up here.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I love the pictures Anita, especially the one of Brock! Do you like the new camera??