Sunday, March 07, 2010


Slowly recovering from the loss of Katie. 

Did we tell you that Mitchell got a puppy for Christmas?  He named him Chance because he said he thought there would be a slim chance that Dad would ever let him get a puppy.  It took awhile to convince Dave but we finally broke him down.  Chance is still looking for Katie outside.

Tanner and I had our appointment with the Navy recruiter and next we are going to the Air Force.  Not like the past where you could get in with no problems and get your career choice.  Most jobs are full unless you want Navy Seals or Bomb Squad.  I am sure we will find the same with the Air Force.  Seems like the only branch where they really need people is the Army.  I think the economy and cost of college has a huge effect on the military and these young folks looking at the military route as an alternative.  Bottom line is Tanner can pick 5 career choices but he may not get any of them.  He still wants to join but is leaning towards the Air Force. 

I still love my job, most interesting place I have ever worked.  I have applied to go to ACE Camp in June as a chaperone for high school kids which I would get paid for.  They spend an entire week at an Air Force base and learn about aviation careers.  We fly in helicopters, planes, fly gliders, build hot air balloons, visit all facets of the airport and visit aviation museums etc.  You have to apply for the camp but I have been told that I am being considered highly for the week long duty.  The cost for kids to go to camp is around $450 but they offer scholarships to the program and you have to be a sophmore I think.  We also have a graduation ceremony following the camp.  Kinda cool.  Mitchell is going to New York with Grandpa and Grandma that week so it works out perfect and Dave will have to spend some quality time with Chance. (tee hee).

Dave went up north last week end to watch Gary at his horse clinic and said he was very impressed with Gary's talent with horses. I couldn't go because Mitchell was at a birthday party and had another event on Saturday afternoon.  He was amazed with Gary's training of horses.  I call Gary the "Horse Whisperer".  We all hope to get to Gary's next clinic.

Well, signing off for now...You all have a great week.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Fun to hear updates from your family. Chance is an adorable puppy. Hopefully he fits in and adjusts well.

Keep us posted on Tanner's military search. We have a friend who joined the Marines. Two days before he was scheduled to ship out (but after he was done working and had canceled cell phone, etc.), his recruiter called and said he had to wait. They have so many people that they can't get everyone through. Thus, the mind games began before he even shipped out. It has been almost a month and he is still waiting. Hopefully Tanner doesn't end up going through a similar beginning.

I share your thoughts about Gary's talent with horses. We are always amazed when we see him working with a horse.

Thanks for posting. Hugs to Dave and the boys.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for sharing. Cute puppy!

Bummer we couldn't see Dave when he was up this direction... maybe next time.

Sounds like a fun week of chaperoning... would be very interesting.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Jody, nice to see you on here. It's been awhile. I haven't been on here for awhile either. Just got back to Brainerd on Tuesday from a fantastic trip to AZ,
Hawai'i, back to AZ and then TX.
Was a surprise to see Jari, Anita,
Brock, Anna and Tia in AZ.

Chance is sooooooooo cute.

If I knew when Gary has a clinic would love to go if at all possible. Have watched him work with horses.