Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've read (okay, skimmed) some posts and comments...  and again, Yowza!

I'm not really sure why the picture was taken down.  I actually thought it looked pretty cool.  Would I consider it a family portrait?  Nope!  Was it cool?  heck yeah!  A 'fun' likeness that has us altogether.

Jen just made a comment to me, something that I agree would be kinda neat.  To have that picture on top of the blog, except...  keep changing it.  Her comment, was to turn her into an infant on mothers lap.  Next week, or next month?  Change her back, and change something else...  maybe some minor things with people, see if anyone can find them.  Glasses? not anymore...  Suit?  nope, blue jeans...  Kinda like that thing they have, or had, in the paper where you find the differences between two pictures.  Except here, the contents of the picture are a little better known, not just a random cartoony picture.

Oh, and the heading Kuoppalas?  I'd change it to Kuoppala's.  The Kuoppalas may not own it, but its still ours :-)


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Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I haven't been on for a while and I noticed a lot of changes in the photo :)