Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotham Writers' Workshop

Remember Makara?  She gave that as my password!   I'm scared silly!  I guess as it
starts on 2-24 we'll be at Frans and Jenny's for the first attempt at whatever. Perhaps
fear of the unknown is the worst.  dk


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Mom - you'll do great! Your first project will be to write a short bio to introduce yourself to your classmates - just a paragraph or two. You could get started anytime - feel free to run anything by me (or this blog) anytime. One hint on writing your bio is to list 3-5 things that define you: mother of 10 (alphabetical kids); grandmother/greatgrandmother; retired from the nursing home (that in itself makes you pretty unique - most people go to nursing homes when they get older, not visa versa); you like to travel with your hubby of a bazillion years; you're in the class because your kid wants to get herself shot. Or whatever you put in your bio. There's no right or wrong. But then when you think you're done, consider adding some or all of the five senses - something about how you are just completing your goal of seeing all the capitols, no morining is complete without its oatmeal and cranberry juice, or whatever strikes your fancy. Again, not mandatory. But it might be a fun way to get beyond the facts of who you are.

The way the class works is the teacher will post a lecture online and students respond with questions/comments during the week. You also get an assignment that is due a week later, usually just a one-pager, that is just between you and the teacher and related to the theme of the lecture. Twice during class you share something with the whole class for them to react to.

Everybody in the class is just as scared.

You are the only one in the class that has written two books (not counting the crossword puzzle books). i'd suggest you decide whether you'd like to pick themes from "And Then There Were Ten" or from "A Few Memories." Flip through whichever one you choose and pick a handful of things from there that would be fun stories to share again. Then you'll never have writers block and the assignments will be things like "tell us what the room looked like" -- and you can hop right to that time Charlie lost his finger or the time you left some travel companions on a parked half of the train while you got on the moving half and what the train seats looked like. OR, of course, since you've already written both of those books already, you could opt to start a third, about retirement and/or grandkids and/or the capitols - and use this class as a way to start compiling those stories.

Really, there's nothing you can do wrong. Its just all fun.

Don't know if this hurts or helps your anxiety. If it makes it worse, just delete this post; if it makes it better, then you're welcome.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I absolutely love this. I see entire series of books coming up. A through J series of anything imaginable.

If you feel comfortable sharing your writing, we'd absolutely love to read it!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Your description makes the class sound inviting! Maybe when I am done taking my current list of classes, I will need to check out the writing class.

Certainly am looking forward to reading what mom puts on paper!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I want to sign up for the class now too!!! I'm thinking of all the things I could attempt to write. Maybe Liz will have to teach a class and we could do it through the blog :)