Friday, November 13, 2009

Life with the Lindula's

It is Deer Hunting! One of my favorite times of the year. One night Shawn tells me that he will stay with Heidi in the AM and I could go out hunting. I head out and before I can get in the stand, I shot a doe. It was small but GOOD EATING! Another day I headed out again and got a 4 point within 15 minutes of being in the woods. We've been sharing hunting time as the other parent gets to stay home with Miss Heidi.

Miss Heidi has learned how to crawl. I think she has been crawling for a while at day care, but just started at home. The other day, I come in the house and she is sitting on the floor by her Daddy. She didn't want him and comes crawling over to me with tears streaming down her face. It was so cute and yet so sad... She likes her Daddy in the AM as he feeds her and brings her to daycare, but she is a Mommy's girl in the evenings.

Miss Heidi likes her Uncle Randy. He really enjoys his little "Peanut". He calls us up and says, "you going to be home, I baked Heidi a cherry pie" or "I baked her some bannana bread, can I run it over?"....

Shawn has been busy working and we are so thankful. Not many months ago, we thought he may have to leave and go work elsewhere and then the phone started ringing and he's been BUSY!

I'm starting my new job on the 30th. I'll be working as an advocate/paralegal with Legal Aid. The position involves housing and public assistance for the most part. I will try to mediate between renters and rentees to avoid eviction and mediate to ensure that individuals get the public assistance that they need/are eligible for. If it can't be resolved with me, it goes to trial with the attorney I will be working under.

This weekend should be fun. Dan, Mauri, Jay, Sarah, Jim, and Maggie are coming up. We are having a joint babyshower for Jay and Sarah Saturday night. Will be fun to see many of the Lindula's.

Take Care and enjoy your weekend!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

that's cute about Randy!
I can't believe heidi is how fast time goes! Good luck at your new job!!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Crawling??? Oh my.

Tell Randy that my address is P.O. Box ..... I'll take any baking he sends. :) What a lucky girl to have such a doting uncle.

I take it you gave your notice. Good for you.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

How fun to have Randy baking for Heidi! He will do a good job of spoiling her :).

Sounds like you will be cooking up venison for awhile. I think our crew will be a bit envious... They haven't hardly even seen any.

Plans to come this direction?