Sunday, July 13, 2008

11:12 p.m. Saturday evening at the Marjanens

I think we are a bit indecisive around here. We moved in and took out the wood stove. Hoisted it down with the excavator and were going to put it in the cabin. Then we decided not to hook it up out there. The excavator was back again this week, so the stove got hoisted back up to the front porch. Now, after I spent the evening in Anchorage shopping with my kids and the Finns (Jari decided to stay home) ... the stove is back to it's original place and my living room is REALLY small now. Jari decided he'd like to try it out tonite. It really isn't cold out there ... but maybe we can roast some marshmallows or something!

I don't know Anchorage very well. For all intents and purposes ... I probably don't know it at all! Freeway was closed going in to town tonite and I still managed to find Old Navy! Brock had wanted to drive tonite and was really glad he wasn't behind the wheel in Anchorage ... the city is incredibly fond of one way streets. Go around enough times and you can actually pass the Army/Navy store 3 times in a few minutes. Now I think I could actually find the store on my own when I need to! So ... the guys made a haul on $9.99 jeans at Old Navy, found some AK things at the mall ... and then had their first taste of Subway this evening. Quite a successful evening. We managed some good pictures on the way home. I tried to take the Old Glenn Highway on the way home. Forgot to cross the Knik River Bridge and wondered where the road took us. We decided to turn around when the pavement ended. We're home safe and sound after Brock nearly fell asleep driving and I nearly took out a guard rail. Everyone's blood pressure should be properly elevated!

Tomorrow we are going to play in Talkeetna and probably won't be home until nice and late. Jari heads to the North Slope on Monday for a week and I go back to the regular Monday through Friday thing that I enjoy so much. Kids will sleep 'til noon every day. Piano teacher will be pleased as punch that the piano is no longer perched in the same place. Brock flies out Friday evening to spend a few days in MN before confirmation starts in MI and we forgot to pick up a tie this evening. Wonder how many trips I'll make to WalMart this week to finish picking up all the little things we forgot before he leaves.

Am sure there is something going on next weekend as well. If not ... guess we could support Exxon/Mobil/Chevron/Texaco (maybe my PFD as well) and take our guests to visit Whittier, see a glacier and maybe find a bear or two.

I'm back to the "can't finish a book situation" again. I've renewed this one once already and I got the Book Is Late and Fines Are Accruing Notice in the mail today. Maybe I can read in the car tomorrow?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Did you see any ash from the volcano which erupted 5 miles from Onalaska? rk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Nope. When did that happen?