Sunday, March 04, 2007

mother and isa

Today, Sunday, we had a bbq at Frans and Jennys with Anita, Jari and 4 kids here. They
had to leave to do school work and someone was coming to look at the big boat.

Yesterday we went with Frans and Jenny to the Science Museum to see the Body Exhibit.
Jari went to bring a trailer of stuff to Juha's. Anita, Tia and Brock were cleaning more on
their yard, Alyx was working and so was Anna, baby sitting for Frans and Jenny. Quite the
exhibit. When at Anita's, Pa was able to help Jari some. Then on Friday the real helper
came, Kevin came to help with the final details. During services he was able to help Frans
with the remote video for the overflow service tent. So he didn't have to twiddle his thumbs
too often!

We had one day less than planned in Tenaha because of the storm in Mobile. It was too cold
to go fishing. River would have been shaded so no warmth from the sun. The brothers did
go 4 wheeling in their pasture and the adjoining hunting land.

First night after Lake Worth was spent in Mobile, Alabama. Found out severe thunderstorms in
Mobile County and a hurricane touched down in New Orleans and some in the area. We decided to check in for a second night. By doing this, when the sun came out we went to visit Vosahlos
about 12:30. Darrell asked if we like small shrimp. We do. He boiled it. It was cool by the time we got there. He showed us how to peel it. Dip in some red sauce ?; it was good. Ruth had
gotten home from the hospital the day before; rectal cancer surgery. She has a non-reversible
colostomy. She looked good though has loss weight since we saw her last.

When we did leave Mobile we stopped at an antique place in Hattesburg, Mississippi. Pa got
me a valentines day, mother's day, and birthday gift and even a Christmas gift for 2008! Will
have Debbie put pictures on the Blog later. We should have taken our winter jackets out of the trunk when we put the purchases in there. We didn't. In Jackson, Mississippi, it was 34 and
windy, and we walked 3 1/2 blocks to the capital. Should have had on the winter jackets. I
didn't walk back to the car; got picked up across from the capital.

Lake Worth we stayed with Don and Pauline. Awesome. You'll read the rest in the Newsletter.
We thoroughly enjoyed Chattanooga, but laughed that it was a little too high falutten (sp?) for

Will check on weather conditions when in N.M. to see if we should go to Oklahoma City and
then north or go NE earlier. Sure have been lots of storms in Minnesota, and the rest of the
northern states. Heard some stories of people being stuck but we've been o.k. so far! dk


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

WOW! sounds like you've had a wonderful trip so far. i can't wait till we see you again. hopfully you have taken lots of pictures for us to see. i can't wait. drive safe back home, you shouldn't get hit with any more snow in MN, we are getting another storm it sounds like on tuesday bt only 4-6 in. nothing really to add to our mound ;) should be clear for your drive. we will be betting up into the 40 degree aea next week! i can't wait for that. mom took a picture of us in a VERY long tunnel that we made it has been fun to play in the snow, but i can't wait for it to melt. i am kind of getting tired of the cold weather. Drive safe see you in a few more weeks:) have a good day -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Now that you are back, it is time to come over so Debbie can post some trip pictures. I am looking forward to hearing about your travels and seeing the pictures and video.

Rosie found an awesome deal on tickets and wasn't starting her job for a week, so she went home for that time. Eric went for the weekend as his spring break is starting.

Wayne got stuck in Canada once again, but this time, not due to weather or to customs. Sounds like there must be only one plane from here to there and it was broken. ...Not sure why they did dead-head a plane up there to get everyone back. Instead, they kept delaying the flight until cancelling. The scenario was replayed the next day. He ended up spending two extra nights and an entire day trying to get back. I can say get home, because he went straight from the airport to his next assignment, which was a road trip. Hopefully we will see him at the end of this week.

Anyone have spring travel plans?