Monday, June 15, 2009

Life on the farm....

Our yard is becoming that of a zoo!!!
The goose, tom turkey, and male duck have bonded as the females are on eggs or carrying for their young. I'm not sure the gender of the goose - I think she is female.

2 ducks layed on eggs - this one is running around with 14 baby ducks. The other one had 11 - I think as it is so hard to count them running everywhere - not sure how many of the other ducks babies are still around. This one keeps close tabs on hers, so will be interesting to see how many survive.

This turkey was laying on nothing as we had picked her eggs and put them in the incubator. Shawn put chicken eggs under her and she hatched them. She ran around with her chicks, but was losing them so we took them away and have them in a tank in the garage. Another turkey came out with baby turkeys, but we lost them - I think the Tom Turkey killed some of them and hawks, etc. may have gotten the rest.
Currently, in the garage we have baby chickens, turkeys, quayle, and pheasant. Outside we have baby geese and ducks in a pen. Roaming around we have 2 ducks with their babies. Our last pregnant cow had a calf this weekend and 2 pigs had little piglets this weekend and one pregant pig left to go. I don't know how pigs make it - the sows have already killed a few of them - they step on them, lay on them, ..... We have 15 baby pigs alive currently.

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