Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa made it here!

They arrived at our house Tuesday dinner time. When I called to see where they were at I caught them finishing laundry and a laundromat in Wasilla. WHAT???!!!? My washing machine still spins pretty good ... but they arrived safely, laundry and all. Grandpa was wanting projects to do while he was here. Felt like they were here about 30 minutes and he and Tia were outside helping Jari move the pile of tree stumps to burnable piles. :)

A little help with the truck ... and they got that bugger!!

Wednesday brought a bit of rainy weather, but we headed up to Hatchers for a look see anyway. Figured maybe it wasn't raining up there .. we got dribbles. No hiking for us .. just driving and jumping out to see. Grandma has a sore arm and ribs. She fell out of the tent several days ago. I'll let her share the story. Nothing broken, just bruised. Then there is that knee that just isn't cooperating like it should. At least all us aching joint folks are in good company! (Frans - Grandpa had his LEFT hip replaced. Not a good sign for you and I.)

I had to add this picture in here. I remember reading the Littles books. They were actually some of my favorites. When I looked at this picture ... I was back in a page of one of those books. Tia came along with G/G and I to Hatchers.

Any guesses as to what else has been happening around here? The Scrabble board is out and getting its wear.

It's even packed in the camper. This crew left Wednesday evening. That was last night .. in case anyone is confused. We went to Song Services last night and then packed the camper. These folks headed out about midnight and went south to start the fishing. Grandpa has his waders and license ... and is good to go! My girls are fisherwomen. :) Their mother needs to figure out how it's done. Maybe today! Grandma and I are leaving as soon as Brock gets out of school at 11 this morning. We'll head down south. Pick up Grandpa, drop off Brock, and head for a quick tour of Seward and Exit Glacier. Back to the Russian River for some more fishing and spend the night. Fishing on Friday and then head home with a stop at the Wildlife Conservation Center for some bear photos, maybe a drive into Whittier ... and home for some sleep. Jari will be behind us somewhere as he's going to meet a flight at the airport at midnight, come home to sleep for a little bit and then head for the Copper Center for more fishing on Saturday. Maybe we can have a wonderful salmon bbq on Fathers Day!

More updates after we get home!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Trip has been going well. We had a
bison at the Laird campground. Did
not bother us but got a good pic.

In Delta Junction it was rainning so got a motel. Not that swift a
motel but it was still $90, the least expense of the ones in that town. The next day we were in Fairbanks. Really a nice campground. Went to the ElDorado mine and panned for gold. Pa got
$5 worth and I got about $2. Combined them into a necklace.
Spent 2 nights at a site at Denali.
They have spots set up for tents that are raised a little. Decided
which side would be the best to put
the door. Well, Monday morning I
got out, zipped the door closed and
stood up. Possible cause for going
down. Landed on my side in a bush
but at least it wasn't a rose bush.
Pa has gotten people like Armas Aho
and Gladys Peterson off the floor but I must be heavier!! Besides I
was kind of down hill! Rolled over
but the left knee couldn't be used
so got my right knee under me and
up I came. Goose egg by my elbow
but that was down by the end of the day. Next day though, my ribs
hurt while coughing, sighing, or
just moving. I don't think anything is broken but sore they are. Didn't bring any long pants as it had been so warm in Brainerd
but my legs can take it. Also, light all night was difficult to
adjust to but it gave me embroidery time as can't do that
while driving. Talked to lots of
friendly folks at the camp grounds. Got to Marjanens on Tues. Pa is fishing and we'll join them soon.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Sounds like a fun trip thus far! Hope your bruises heal quickly! If your knee bothers you a lot, have you thought about following up with a doctor and surgery if needed - if Sylvia A. can do it, anyone can!!!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to come out there. I'm really planning on next summer so we can come before Heidi turns 2. Shawn told me that Heidi and I could come this summer, but he wouldn't be able to, but I don't have the vacation time built up yet from after my leave. So, hopefully you are up to company next summer :)

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Um. . . Do we get reports on who won the scrabble games or do we have to wait for the newsletter? :)
Sounds like tonz of fun! Can't wait to make another trip out there! ~j~