Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, is anyone out there?

This sure has been quiet for a while. Where is everyone?
Anita - how is life going in AK?
Becky - what is new with you and the family?
Charlie - what is happening in your life?
David & Jody - How is work going, how is life?
Liz - how is your very busy life going?
Frans & Jenny - what is new in AZ?
Gary - I know he doesn't get on here.
Laurie - what is new?
Ivan & Missi - how is the house coming along? It would be nice to hear an update on the progress, next steps, etc.
Jen - How is the new apartment?
Mom and Isa are on the trip, so likely won't be hearing from them until they get back.

Here, life is going great.

Last weekend, Shawn and I went to a livestock association dinner and had a lot of fun. Jen came up that night and her and Shawn stayed up too late chatting :)

This past weekend:
Friday night we went to Cow/Calf Days in Grand Rapids (oh how my life has changed). It was very informative and I'm not even joking or being snide.

Saturday, we were off again but this time to Trego WI and bought a boar pig. We are keeping 3 sows and plan to raise our own little piglets - sell some of them and butcher some of them each year. It is getting harder to find pigs for sale.

Sunday - we had Steve and Patty Haataja for services - so meal prep, visiting, ....

Monday was a holiday for me, so I got to bake. I did some pulla, chocolate chip cookies, Isa's doughnuts (but had to be fried in pig lard), bread... and then called it a day. I'm hoping to keep food in the freezer. After baby comes, it will be nice to just grab doughnuts, cookies, pulla, or whatever else out of the freezer when people come over, rather than trying to make something to go with coffee. I'm not sure if that is called nesting, planning ahead, or avoiding work later that I could get done much easier today. I'm sure people wouldn't expect coffee and goodies, but I felt so guilty the other day when Velma came over and all I had for her was tea (she didn't want coffee) and nothing to go with it! This way, Shawn can make coffee and pull out goodies while I be lazy (oh wait, I think it's called recuperate) :)

Anyway, down to less then a month to the due date. We made it through another weekend and now my doctor says she will be around, so whenever baby comes, it's okay. I see her tonight and then we start with weekly ultrasounds and fetal monitoring as well as seeing her each week. It will be fun to have an ultrsound to get an idea of how big this baby is. The down side is the trip to Hibbing every week, but will get to know the maternity floor good by the time baby comes!

It would be great to hear from everyone on how life is going!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Hi Heather! Life in AZ is going great:) Grandma and grandpa are here, and I just read them this post from you. We are wondering why you have to go for weekly ultrasounds and fetal monitering? Is everything ok?
I don't know if everyone knows or not, but we are expecting as well. number 6, and we found out yesterday that it is another GIRL!!!! I have never found out the sex before, but was excited to know for this one. So we will have half a dozen girls running around here....crazy!!!!!!! My due date is July 6th.
we went to the zoo yesterday with grandma and grandpa since the girls didn't have school, and grandpa is just thankful they didn't lock them up with the rest of the animals! They enjoyed seniors camp. They had a field trip on Friday to Ceretas Candy Factory in Glendale, and grandma's only regret is that she didn't think of taking a picture of a HUGE chocolate heart and sending it to everyone's phone for valentines day! Paul and Kendra and my folks came over on Friday night visiting, and Sunday night g & g went to Jan and Vern Wittenbergs visiting where there were several other couples. A fun weekend. Grandpa is planning to go to Ed Smiths speed shop in Glendale one day this week while grandma goes to Jeri's to see her scrapbook stuff. They are also planning to see Gary Salin who worked at Minntac and lives in Peoria.
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Jenny, grandma and grandpa.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...


I have to go for weekly ultrasounds and fetal monitoring as a precautionary thing due to the gestational diabetis. They want to make sure that baby is okay. I think my doctor is overally cautious and I'm grateful. I was reading up on gestational diabetis and it was in everything that I read that I would most likely be on monitoring the last month. It calms my nerves.

CONGRATULATIONS! I didn't know you were pregnant. That is great. I can't believe you are going to have 6 girls! I can't wait to read your posts as the girls get older :)

Hello to Grandpa and Grandma and everyone else. Enjoy services this weekend!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I wondered when Jenny posted a picture from the Sunday school program with a caption about the "growing family", but I use that term often, so didn't ask ;)

Congratulations Frans and Jenny!

Heather, we are enjoying counting days with you and following your progress. We will be anxiously waiting to hear when this life changing event occurs!

Life here is pretty much the same (other than the next post I will make). Wayne is in Chicago right now. While we would like to have him home, we are thankful that he has this job. The company still seems to be doing well; he is staying busy. Despite the layoffs at the hospital, I am still working too. Some of the kids are getting less hours right now, but they are all still working also. We have much to be thankful in that regard as well as many others.

We had viral crud circulating through the house, but that seems to be coming to an end. Only some sniffles are left.

The warm weather gave the ice a nice smooth service so the kids have been skating any free moment. The back yard rink as well as neighborhood rinks are getting lots of use. Most of the snow melted though, so it looks rather brown.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Wayne will be going to Sweden soon. We haven't gotten details figured out yet, but are still hoping I might be able to join him in Finland for a week.

We got to have Liz stay here last night:) I missed out as I didn't get home from work until everyone was sleeping and she had to leave bright and early. Those that were up enjoyed her visit!

Thanks for encouraging the updates!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Congratulations to both of you. Don't have time now for an update on the house but will some other time. Ivan

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Congratulations Frans and Jenny!

Becky, that would be awesome if it works out for you to go!

Heather, the apartment is GREAT! I am already missing my huge bathroom. For those that haven't seen pictures yet, the bathroom was almost the same size as the rest of the apartment. Okay, not quite, but it was huge. Now I have a lot less space (in the bathroom that is). The craft room is almost put together and as soon as it is, I will post pictures. Now to start thinking of what I want on my balcony! Oh, yeah, and what i want through out the remainder of the apartment, too!

Since I had the day off yesterday, I got one project done that has been awaiting for me to get to since I bought it 5 years ago! My goal: complete one project a week. Anyone interested in crafting? I have room to do it now!

This past Sunday I was able to go to Mpls for the discussion and out to eat with Pete and Sandra. This weekend I will do some visiting in Cokato! Looking forward to visiting people that I haven't had a long conversation with in way too long of time!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Jen - The kids said you were in Minneapolis, but I missed you. Glad you got to visit with Pete and sandra.