Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aching and Fevering in Alaska

Life at our house. This was last evening's trip to Target. I can tell you that I much prefer the other departments at Target compared to these. :)

Kids have been sick around here. Jari isn't feeling so good either. Sore throat, headache and fevers have been the order of the day. Brock started on Sunday, Anna on Tuesday evening, Alyx yesterday, Tia off and on, Jari the last couple. Brock & Anna have a hold on the fever department. Took them to the clinic yesterday and said I wanted strep swabs done. That is going around too. We never get strep in our house ... once in 23 years I think. Those were negative. Alyx wasn't really too sick, but was going to work around the corner and I figured that she may as well come in with us. Should have brought Tia too. Negative on strep. Then the doctor suggested the flu swab because Brock has been running this fever for days ... and it over the even 102 mark. My kids have never had the flu shot. I refuse it at work. Maybe I just changed my mind. Brock tested positive for Influenza B. It was so nice of him to "offer" up his nostril ... especially since the medication won't help him. He's been sick too long. Anna started on Tamiflu last night. Has anyone purchased that stuff? Total of 10 pills, 1 pill two times daily at a COPAY price of $84. Let's hope it works. Jari is going in this morning and taking Tia with him. We have a few days to kick these nasties. Now my question is answered. Why did I put off purchasing tickets to Phoenix? Our flights would have been leaving tonite. And none of us would have been going. That's why!

In other goodies ...

The kids are all keeping busy with work and/or school. All is either going well or muddling along in those departments ... depending on which child it is.

Jari is now licensed and insured ... in business on his own again. Economy is slowing everywhere ... someplaces at a standstill I think. He is licensed to do home repairs. We're hoping he gets nice and busy! In the meantime ... he can practice in the basement. :) Moved all the sewer lines last week ONE DAY. The heat ducting is nearly all moved. Next comes the water lines and electrical. This, by the way, is all happening in the unfinished part of the basement. I'll try take pictures so you can see it. The end result will be a laundry room flipped to the other side of the wall and into the unused portion of the basement. It will be sizable ... and so will the storage. Then we will start making a bedroom out of the present laundry room. We have many projects and ideas around here. :)

I am working today and then off of work until March 3rd. In there we have oodles of dentist appointments .... I want to get some little things done around here (towel hooks hung up for one) and spend some time having fun!

Tata for now.

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Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds miserable! Don't know what we had in this house, but it was several days of fever, aches, and then coughing. Most missed a couple days of school. I got the flu shot and didn't get sick... Was it a coincidence? Nobody was swabbed, so there is no way to know. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to avoid it.

Hope you are all better soon!