Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had some new visitors at our house while I was at work yesterday. Duke went nuts ... and the moose didn't care. Apparently Duke thought that if he barked real loud and headed toward the moose ... the moose would be intimidated and leave. Nope. I hope he doesn't end up learning the hard way. Wish I had been home to see Tia jump up onto the deck. :) They bedded down behind the snowmachines and trailers in the trees. Cars came and went ... and they stayed. Don't know where they're at this morning ... hopefully not on the driveway! School bus comes in 20 minutes.

This second picture here has mom with 2 calves. 2 are sort of hidden in the trees.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I am so jealous. I just love the moose!!! I need a picture to blow up and put on my wall in the porch. The once in a lifetime spotting I had at our house doesn't blow up well. Thanks for sharing!!!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Impressive! -b