Monday, January 28, 2008

Howard Lake Update

Figured I would say what I did the last few days, since I haven't posted a comment for how long! ~ On Friday I worked half a day and then went to St. Paul. There was a legislative hearing regarding the mining industry and was curious what was going to be said. Very interesting and very glad I didn't chicken out in going! I went to the apartment and slept. Woke early on Saturday and spent the morning crafting and rearranging. That evening I had Sonja and Kiana Wuollet over for supper. Was tons of fun! Slept all day Sunday and am now ready to work for the week! ~ Hope you all were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Nice to hear about your weekend :)

This was a work weekend for me, so no big plans. Wayne had been in Idaho last week, then drove down to Salt Lake City. Came home on Thursday, then to Iowa for the day Friday. Saturday was going to be a catch-up day... His phone rang while playing hockey early in the morning. After a couple hours on the phone, it was determined that he would need to make another Iowa run. Since our bigger kids were on the range for the weekend, I was heading to work, and we have sick kids, he decided he would take the kids for the ride. (He was only going to have to be there for 15 minutes, but the drive to and from make it a 6+ hour trip.) Laura was too sick to be in the car so she slept at grandmas. On the way back, his boss told him to bring the kids to a family restaurant and expense it! Quite a treat for them!

Debbie or one of the rangers will have to post about their weekend. Thanks to all up there for having our kids. You all mean a lot to them and they love being there.

Ready for the coughing to go away... So far, only Kathryn has pneumonia. The rest just have the crud.

Have a good week.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Sounds like Wayne has a nice boss.
Too bad about Laura being so sick
she couldn't make the trip. Would
probably have enjoyed it. Let us
know if anyone else gets pneumonia.

Jen called here about the hearing.
Will be interesting to see if it
develops on the Iron Range. dk