Monday, January 07, 2008

AZ christmas fun continued...

Lindsey had to have ALL of our lights up...she begged and begged Frans until he finally got them all up! They had fun hanging them!Frans and Lindsey singing on christmas eve at Paul and Kendra's....We had to get Lindsey and Kierstyn out of bed on Christmas eve to hang the stockings and put the magic key for santa on the front door (from Anita), and put out cookies and milk for santa...good thing we didn't forget all those things! Opening gifts on Christmas morning... (Lindsey and Alanys)

The girls loved their new jammies from Grandma K! (Alanys, Kierstyn and Toni)And they LOVE their new trampoline from santa!!Toni with her new sleeping bag from Wayne and Becky...had to sleep with it the first night! She used it this past weekend when she stayed the night with my sister Heidi....She was so excited to be bringing it along to use!
Baby Trina's first Christmas!

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