Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Break ends in Alaska

It's over.
No more sleeping in until noon for teens in this house.
Mom can't sleep 'til 7:00 anymore either.
"Homework done yet?" will become my chant.
Lunch money pit starts filling again.
Brisk morning walks to the bus stop at 6:30 a.m.
Tomorrow morning Tia gets a ride to school ... after that ....
she is going to catch the bus at Ray & Brenda's in the morning.
Should have had an extra house key made ... oops!

Other than that ...

We are still on the house hunt. Parts of every weekend seem to be consumed with house hunting. What a nasty job when you're of that squeeky Finn variety person. We want everything for nothing. Lost one .. working on the next.

Today Jari & I, along with Amber, Ryan & Nolan, Anna and Tia, went for a Sunday drive to Trappers Creek. Was a bit smaller than I expected! Alyx & Brock declined coming with us. Can't imagine why. So ... I finally saw my moose and saw more than one! No .. I didn't get a picture. Car was moving too quickly. At least I know they exist now. I keep looking and can't find any. For some reason they seem to be in Anchorage. Listen to the traffic report in the morning and you hear "watch out for the intersection of J Street and ______ .. there's a moose in the intersection." I am not kidding. This place is great.

The weather today is a tad chilly again. House doesn't even feel warm, yet it really is. The colder it gets outside the chillier it feels in here. 5 degrees out there now but we saw cooler than -11 today. This outside chilly stuff has it's benefits. New Years Eve I watched folks coming into the house with drinks and salads. You don't need room in the fridge ... the deck works just fine.

And ... I'm threatening to go try ice fishing. They don't use an ice house. Do you suppose a tent with a tent warmer would work? I have those!

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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Congratulations on the spotting of the moose. Can't wait to see a picture of one some time.

Ice fishing is so much fun. Shawn and I went this weekend and got 15 crappies. We don't use the fish house either, we just hang out on the ice and bring our buckets to sit on. Can you drive on the ice there? We can't, it's not thick enough. Some drive out 4-wheelers, but we had to hike in.