Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marjanen Madness

I've sort of copied/changed/added red to my blog from Bebo ... for those of you who aren't Bebo-ers! Wish I had some pictures to put on here. My camera chews batteries like there's no tomorrow. Kids took the rechargable batteries and probably pitched them at some point. Need to battery shop today. Will try and add pics later today!

* Frantic on Sunday evening because I totally missed the e-mail from the movers .. said I had to return it within one day .. it was sent on Wednesday. Jari spent some time on the phone Monday. Containers arrived yesterday about 11:30!

** Utilities. Start them there, stop them here. Have "letters of credit" faxed from one place to another so that they can fax to yet the third place. What on earth did this world do before fax and e-mail?! I think everything is now done in that department .. should be powerless/phoneless/gasless (might be a nice road trip eh?) on Monday! Add homeless to that as well!

*** My last day of work Monday. Hard to believe that I can now remove all those user names, passwords, log combinations from my memory bank. I still don't know how I feel about being unemployed. I've only been working 2 - 12 hr days a week. There have been some incredibly helpful people at work, some very kind people ... there will be new ones elsewhere! Today a trip to Employee Benefits: when do I get my PTO check??? I have scrapped buying things here. Am shopping up there. I think I have enough PTO bucks to get me a new couch. :)

**** Back patio is full of boxes .. we were hoping to empty some of it last night. We were able to put most of the HEAVY stuff into the containers last nite .. now to fill in around them. Would have loved to get more in there last night, but we need mattresses in there. So the plan is to empty this house out on to the patio and then fill the containers on Friday. Would really like to use the washer/dryer for several more days. Denise Wuollet offered to pick up my laundry and bring it back to me already done. I'm trying to wash and pack! Yesterday I was actually ironing before packing ... finally realized how dumb that was ... it did give me a good excuse to try and finish the last of James Patterson's Beach House tho'!

***** Missed all the good winter jacket sales over the weekend .. don't know what I was doing instead!!! Bummer!!! That's on the list for after Friday night. If I have time before .. great .. if not, it can wait. Brock got a jacket from Blayde yesterday that is super cool. Not for COLD weather, but it's a start!

****** Our Alaska road map book that lists every gas station/hotel/restaurant is missing. Am seriously hoping that I didn't pack it in a box somewhere. I wouldn't have done that .... or would I? I found it!! Under a pile of mail I'd tucked in a corner. Nearly had heart failure when I saw the pile. Nothing but junk in there .. we're good! :)

******* Jari took the truck to the dealer yesterday morning. They're trying to see if they have a block heater somewhere in town for his. Mine has one! Who woulda ever thunk! Truck will be back today we hope. Trailer got new tires yesterday. My check engine light is back on again. :( Sometime mine needs to go back to the dealer yet again! And ... he isn't a block down the street like Jari's is.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Omigosh! How exciting yet busy!! I can't wait to hear/see more! : )lk/t.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

RK is taking his "Milepost" book
so each vehicle will have a copy.
Since he is planning on checking his bag, if it doesn't fit in this
one, he'll take the next size up.
Plan is to go to Randalls on Sat.
and perhaps help Eric move some
furniture. Then someone will bring
him to the airport early on Sun.
morning. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Isa have a wonderful trip! Bring tons of greetings to Alaska when you go! And please, oh please, take a lot of pictures of that new rental house. I can't wait to hear how the trip goes! Will anxiously await to hear the tales from all of you. :) All, please be safe, have fun and I wish the very best to Anita and Jari and family!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Need new address as soon as possible (smiles)
Hello to all from

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Guess he won't be helping Eric as
Wayne, Brian, Steven and John went
hunting on the Iron Range. But
plan is still to go to Randalls and
be brought to the airport by some
one in the early morning.

Yes, please, we need an address as
soon as known.

RK has two empty chips for camera
and lots of recipe cards to write
down where and what he is taking
pictures of! Only way we can get our pictures on the Blog is by
having it done at Randalls. Closest place with fast internet.

I tried parking the car into the
garage this afternoon. Remains to
be seen if I will do it again. Can
always leave it outside; that's what we did on the Range 99% of
the time! dk