Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here's news from the travelers

Hopefully Anita will post on this Blog when they reach their destination. This is just a quick
up date of where they stayed the nights. They left Phoenix on Monday morning and had lunch
in Prescott Valley. Their trailer had been brought there on Sat. when the Marjanen family got
together there on Sat. So on Monday they had lunch in Prescott, hooked up the trailer and
forward Ho!

First night was in Panquitch, Utah, which is southern Utah.
Tues. night was in Butte, Montana, and I think it was a little chilly.
Wednesday night they spent just north of Calgary, Alberta.
Thursday night they were in Fort St. John, British Columbia.
Friday night they were in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. No cell or on-star!
From there 1,100 miles to Palmer, Alaska.
Arrival there?

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