Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Projects!

Recognize these guys? Tom and Ken put up Hardi-plank (or something like that) siding on the north side of our house as a fundraiser for the new Elk River congregation that we are a part of.
We have 3 crews that do building projects as fundraisers. This was a pretty small job and the two had a couple slow days, so did it on their own. They work for the same outfit along with brother-in-law, Dean. He is the head of the building crews and does a great job organizing and managing projects. We still need to do the old part of the back, but need to wait until the financial kitty has something in it to work with. It worked out really slick doing the north side this way. Wayne hasn't been home long enough to do it and it really was in desparate need of getting done. The funds will be used for land and church construction when we get to that point. Wayne tore off the old stuff before heading west. I found a drop site where I was able to get rid of it for $15 - and they unloaded it for me! Can't beat that! Now we need to find a warm, dry, still day that Wayne is home to paint the front and the new side of the house. Jenny, don't expect it to be done before you get here :-) -b

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