Friday, June 08, 2007

Howdy Everyone!

Congrats to Eric and Rosie!

Eric... I hope you savored the doughnuts, some of the last you can eat in a relaxed state before its a job requirement :-)

I havn't posted for a while, but I do try to skim through the blog and catch up by reading about everything that everyone else is writing about, even though I'm not posting much of anything.

From the "old man" riding the "metal mulisha" honda (I'll line up to watch the metal mulisha backflip), to all the work being done on the house in AZ... to vacationing on the 'range... Everyone looks like they are keeping busy :-) hmpf I don't have any pictures to put up though...

So... I'm just gonna say "HOWDY"



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Howdy right back, Charlie!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

We were at the right place at the
right time. Were able to congratulate Eric and Rosie in
person. Don't know yet when the
wedding will be but when Isä has
time, he'll be charting a route
for us to the West Coast. With all
the trips we've made to the West we
haven't stopped at Yellowstone and
who knows how much longer we will be able to drive. We don't have
pictures of Sacramento and Carson
City capitols yet either!:) Told
Wilbert and Rauha at their grandson's grad coffee last evening
that they did invite us to stay with them that they have a large
house. They do not live where the
wedding would be but in Longview.
After leaving Seattle area we could
stop and see Gil and Bonnie in
Olympia and then continue on to
Longview. If we had enough time and why wouldn't we, Gail Kako's
mom when she was here said she had
gone on a tour in Portland of a
place that trains seeing eye dogs.
Would be nice to see that also
besides the giant redwoods. Haven't seen them either. dk