Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

Today marks the last day of the school year for our girls! As usual, it has been a busy last several weeks with Science Fairs and Concerts, finals for Alyx, and the usual hubub. It has been a while since I added anything on the blog ... will see what kind of pictures I can drum up!

I saw this cute idea for teacher gifts for the end of the year. Filled $1 large teacher mugs with classroom staples. The idea I saw had attached a gift card to an office supply or bookstore. I'm too cheap for that one!

The boat left our posession on Monday. A sad day in this household. However, should we end up staying here .. Jari is busy shopping on e-bay and Craigs List for another one. I assured the kids to have no worries .. we will be around water should we stay if the house doesn't sell.

The house. Yesterday a realtor showed the house for the 3rd time to a couple. Not sure who they are looking at it for. They have kids at ASU .. I don't care who lives in the house .. just buy it from me. The boat I wanted someone to love. Am I odd? The house I really don't care. Our "home" travels with us and is where we live and love .. it isn't in these four walls. Besides, I only have thousands of pictures of this abode .. I have mega scrapbooking to do when/if we finally leave. The common complaint with this house has been the view across the alley. They don't like the metal part added to the garage of the house across the way. So we went to the nursery and ordered trees to block the view. If we stay I get to enjoy the trees. If it helps to sell the house, that would be great. Murphy's Law came to visit the day we ordered and paid for the trees. Some goofy tree trimmers trimmed the neighbors nice trees that added shade to our yard and sort of hid his house. Can you believe this trim job?? They must have been straight off the coyote wagon or something. Obviously haven't been trimming for any length of time. Either that or they are incredibly short folks and can't see how nasty this looks. Can't win it seems. Today Brock and I get to work on digging some holes. The tree folks will plant the trees, but we are also lining a block wall with some orange, drought resistant (necessary for me) foliage. Ought to look good when they're in.

Jari is going to Finland in several weeks. He has been talking about it for several years. Says he wants to. Then says he really doesn't care. He is going this time. Ticket showed up yesterday via Express Mail. He will be in Helsinki the Sunday before Suvis, stay through suviseurat and come home the following Wednesday. No. I don't have any interest in going on this trip. This is a meet the family expedition. He will be brought from one house to the next .. meet so many cousins/aunts/uncles that let's hope he remembers their names when he gets off the plane! Someday I'd love to tour Finland .. not yet. The East Coast, Hawaii, Ireland and a few other places are beckoning first. There is that catamarran cruise in the Caribbean .. aaaaahhhhhh.

Other than that folks .. I've hauled out fabric this week and am working on a few projects. It is so much fun. Haven't had the opportunity to do that in a long time. Am also working on Alyx's Christmas stocking. The last one I have to do!!! When those are done it will be time to haul out some paint brushes and see if I can paint a thing or two. Summer without home schooling is truly a vacation.

To work I must go .. laundry, floors, beds etc. Have a great week everyone! Will post Memorial Day weekend camping pics later.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

yeah, that tree job is pitiful! Good grief! When you pull out your paint brushes, I have just the picture for you to paint;) That close up I have of even has shadows!
Frans got home at noon today, so I just got back from curves.. feels good to get out and start exercising again. I have been starting to feel a little better, but I am still so tired! I was never this tired with my other pregnancies. Can't wait to start feeling 'normal' again! haha!
I'm sure all the marjanen kiddos are glad school is over! Let the fun begin:)
Can't wait to come to MN and get out of this heat for a few days! (I'm hoping it's cooler up there!) Actually, today it's not bad at all, probably only about 95 and it's windy. But the last week it was up there around 105 every day!
I better go check on Alanys who should be napping, but is making all kinds of noise. She wanted to sleep on our bed instead of her crib, so Frans put her there...I'm thinking she's going to get moved:)
Later, Jenny

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

My trees and vines are in the ground. Looks like much less rock now. Might be nice to see them actually mature!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

p.s I didn't even think of getting a gift for lindsey's teacher! That's a cute idea!