Wednesday, August 09, 2006


1) lose 50 pounds
2) ok...lose 40 pounds
3) ok...lose 30 pounds
4) OK...learn to accept my body and all of its imperfections
5) Take kids to Mt. Rushmore
6) Draw up a will
7) Choose a guardian for the boys
8) Play a game of tennis
9) Use my good china (never have used it, belonged to my Grandmother)
10) Become an organ donor
11) Give blood
12) Try Sushi
13) Paint my bedroom
14) Get an hour long massage
15) Take my kids sledding
16) Take my kids ice skating
17) Go on our cruise
18) Take the boys to Wisconsin Dells
19) Organize my pictures in to photo albulms
20) Spend an entire weekend with my sister
21) Have a family portrait made

This is the start of my list and these are not in order of their importance...I am sure that I will add to it as I go along and hopefully can put check marks by a lot of these within the next 2 years!
Any challenges or suggestions by anyone???? Please post! (smiles)


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

First of all, I'll join you in #4, 14, 17, 20 and 21.

Ones I still struggle with are #6 and #7 ... ridiculous to not have those things done. Use to scare the bejeepers out of me when I was a underage child and mom & dad didn't have one done. Had horrible visions of us all being split up among different homes. Then they went to Finland, left me in charge (on paper & otherwise) and I prayed so hard that their plane would come home safely!!!

#9: there is a story about good china in one of the chicken soup for the soul books. USE IT!!! Here's a challenge: every time you cook your families "favorite meal", serve it on the china. None of those special things do us any good tucked away in boxes or behind glass. (I just can't figure out what my family's fav meal is ... somehow tacos on china just don't do it?? (big smiles))

11: Not bad once you do it the first time. You'll be surprised at the ease and speed (if you pass out at needles .. it may be even speedier!). I did it the first time so the kids could get points at school. Challenge for you to donate by the end of September!

8: I can't hit a tennis ball with the broad side of a barn. Someone else gets that one! Perhaps I should add that one to MY list, but would have to add chirpractor, heating pad ....

19: Ouch.

Traveling/vacation/fun w/family things: just go and do them. Make time. My theory is that I've been given these gifts I call my cherubs for only a short time in life. The things we did, whether it was skating on the creek, building igloos, fishing, family vacations, frosty mug A&W at the place on 53, etc. are the things that stand out in your mind later in life. I do remember weeding/making hay/mowing/dishes etc, but those fun out of the ordinary excursions/expeditions leave lifetime memories. Go and laugh and have fun.

Will see if I can come up with a few more. Looks like you'll have plenty of time to get another 20 or so in! Why is it that the lists get longer, things don't get done as fast as they use to, and the best part ... I'm learning to not worry/stress about it. Have fun Jody!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

#19 I will do this weekend. Good idea, make my family thier favorite meal and serve it on the good china! As you said, do not know what I am saving it for.

I will accept the challenge of donating blood by the end of September. Then I can check that one off my lsit.

The cruise is set for March 2008 so I will get that in right before the 50th!

I got an hour massage certificate from one of my girlfriends for my birthday so I can accomplish that very soon.

I am having fun with my list. I hear that Elizabeth, Heather and Laurie may be able to help me with the game of tennis. I have never played a game of tennis, can you believe that?

I plan on having fun with the boys and making great memories for them even if I fall on my face ice skating, they will get a good laugh! Some of the things I want to do with the boys will not include Dave because getting him to take the time or get the time is like pulling teeth! I should put that on my list as well, get Dave to take a family vacation and forget about work and for him to realize that they CAN get along without him for a few days. (smiles) I will work on that.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Heather & I use to "attempt" the tennis thing when she lived here. Another one who loves tennis is Jen.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

OK, If I write this down, is it then a commitment?
I would love to do #1, but really should do #3, but it sounds easier to do #4.
#5. Been to Mt. Rushmore. I talked to Shawn the other day about us taking a trip there as it can be done in a weekend. It's fun.
#6. Honestly, don't have a will and haven't thought about it, but maybe I should.
#8. come and play tennis anytime. They are redoing the Clinton courts, but there are some in Virginia, Eveleth, and elsewhere. When you come up, we'll play a game. We've got a racket for you to use.
#9. I like to pull out my "china" sometimes when we have company over. I've put on the tablecloth and made it fancy. It makes it a whole different experience. I've even heard of: laying out blankets and having a picnic with your "china". I agree, why wait. As for tacos on the china, does it matter what it is? Do you think they serve tacos on china in fancy restraunts in Mexico? I think it's great.
#10. I'm with you. I have to do that.
#11. I'm with you there too. I have to figure out where to donate and then should follow through and do so.
#12. Tried it. It wasn't bad, but I don't think I'm willing to jump in and say that I will try it with you.
#13. What do you want to paint it? That's fun.
#14. Do the massage. What a way to relax. Then, share with all of us (preferably our husbands and then they can buy the gift certificates?)
#15. Come up to the range and there is a cool sliding hill at the Zim rec. You could take 2 off your list there. Skate and sled.
#17. What type of cruise are you going on?
#18. Wisconsin Dells is fun.
#19. How about scrapbooking?
#20. You could spend the entire weekend with your sister, getting a massage, going out for sushi, and organizing photos while reminiscing. That would be a lot of fun.
#21. Regarding the family portrait: Christmas card material? (incentive to get it done by Christmas).
Good luck and have fun. What a great list.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Problem with tacos and china is that I don't like the tacos nearly as much as I like the china.
Same goes for mac 'n cheese or ramon noodles on the beautiful plate. Peanut butter toast I could do tho'.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

i wouldn't mind #9