Friday, September 30, 2011

Woot! Woot!

I have a computer! My favorite computer did not survive the move back to the heat. I'm quite certain it wasn't the bumps they hit on the way. The case of salmon jars, that were not packed in anything other than the case itself, survived. I haven't found one broken thing yet. Must have been the heat that fried the thing. Back to my usual easy photo processing software this morning and hopefully back to the world of blogging or blog hopping.

We're renting a house in north Phoenix. We've gone about as far from our living situation as we possibly could. Scratch that. We should have a community pool and gym ... that might do it! We're in a house that is almost half the size of what we had. I'm anticipating much less cleaning time and much more crafting time in my world. The back yard is the size of a postage stamp. Enough grass for Duke to roll around on and scratch his back, little enough to mow it in about 5 minutes. We do have a guest room. That was a necessity!

The heat. It was suppose to be done before we got here. I was quite looking forward to temps under 100 and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe a day or two. The evenings are wonderful. Several months ago if you told me that I would think 86 degrees in the evening felt good ... I'd have had your noggin examined! Ask me now and I'll tell you I have a pretty good memory recall of waiting for the sun to go down and the cool to complete our day. I laugh to think that we will probably be wearing our wonderful Alaska State Fair Carhart Clearance purchases! Good thing!
The girls still aren't in school. It is beyond ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. First we had to find a place to live before we could find a school within its boundary. Either that or drive them to the other side of town. At some point that might work (or not) but at present I'm hoping to be working in the very near future. Driving kids probably would work ... picking them up would not. Regardless, the high school we're near is right around the corner and a good school. It worked out perfectly. The problem is that the office couldn't get transcripts from the previous schools last week. This week the administrator (who we must meet with for admission) is at a conference Mon thru Wed of this week and there was no school Thurs or Fri. Monday? I'm hopeful. So are they. Enough vacation even for them!

More later.
For now ....
a small slice of beauty from a visit in Fairbanks.

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Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I have every intention of coming to utilize your guest bedroom at some point :) Won't be this winter though.