Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some photos of the girls...

Attempt at a photo shoot... Hailey 5 months and Heidi 2 years 5 months.

I just love little hats, Miss Hailey isn't quite the fan of them, but they are so cute for the short time I can keep them on her head.
 Had a garage sale in September... Heidi was harboring the books. She is a book worm, will try to read anything she can get. Love it when she reads to her sister, some of the stories actually resemble the book and other times it is about their day.
 Heidi has learned to LOVE fishing. She is has slowed down a little bit on asking to go, but used to ask everyday if we could go fishing. She picks the worms before we leave home. Notice the worm she is holding. Our FISHING consists more of feeding the fish worms. She doesn't ever want to keep the fish we do catch, but rather insists that I throw them back.
 Over Labor Day weekend we went to Brainerd. "Pappa" took Heidi, Shawn, and I fishing. Jen and Grandma stayed home with Hailey. Heidi had been telling everyone for days prior that she was going fishing and in a boat. She was so excited.
 "Pappa's" fish!!!!!
 Shawn told Heidi all about the big blue cow... we had to go see it. Heidi was disappointed that it wasn't real! It had an impact on her, she keeps asking to go back to see the big blue ox and tells everyone she touched the ear and the horn!
 Feeding the horses at Bob and Lorraine Lee's. Heidi is quite the animal lover!
 Miss Hailey checking out Ruth Lake wishing she could go fishing :)
 Heidi has also not yet learned her fear of heights!! How many of you, remember being on this slide? It makes me sick to my stomach! It might be that my 2 year old is standing at the top of it, she would have climbed it all day long if she had anyone to keep going with her.
As for life: Miss Heidi is doing well, she accompanied me to work on Friday and worked hard. She got rewarded by many co-workers and others in the building with all sorts of treats!

Miss Hailey got her first tooth a couple weeks ago and the second one has popped out already. Guessing she is going to be getting many of them in a short amount of time. She is on the move, was just scooting backwards, but now goes forward too. She just now went from laying down to sitting up on her own, we won't be able to keep her still. She goes on all 4 and rocks and tries to move her feet! She was in to the doctor the other day and is at 17 pounds. She has her 6  month well child check on Monday. Will be fun to see how tall she is getting!

Shawn has been busy with work. It had been slow, but picked up as of recently. Hoping he gets all the jobs done before the snow flies. He is currently over at Randy's as someone is combining our barley we planted there. He has mostly finished up with haying. Got a lot of bales this year again, which is good.

My life is pretty consistent, go to work, come home and be with the girls. Doesn't deter much from that! Still loving my job!

Shawn turns the big 40 this April! He has been complaining that he is too old for our little children and doesn't have the energy it requires...So the ultimate birthday gift to him is possibly the birth of our 3rd child on his birthday. I am almost 12 weeks and baby is due on his birthday! Heidi says she is having a sister! We shall see.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Pappa says, good photo shoot. Good pics of girls and the rest were good also.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

If anyone looks at the blog I'm sure they also check the comments.
So, life can't be so hectic that you can't post a few facts about your life or if you have a camera, a few pics. Mom is waiting!!Thanks.