Sunday, December 05, 2010

Time for more scrap iron

                                    Ready for surgery in surgery prep area
                         To room 521 w. Surgery done. This on  11 - 30 - 2011
                             Get out of bed day after surgery.  Pretty groggy.
                             Heidi comes to visit and to see grandpa's ouwe.
                             Leave hospital on Sat., 12-4, with mom driving.
                             Good roads with beautiful scenery with snow
                             laden trees.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Your voice sounded SO good after hearing you yesterday. :)
Glad you're home safe and sound and ready for the internet. That is an incredibly good sign!
Will call later today.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

good to see the pictures. will try to call Monday night.