Tuesday, September 07, 2010

the wknd in Alaska part 1

Flew into Anchorage at noon on Thursday. Picked up the rental car and took off for Fiarbanks. Stopped many times on the way to walk around and snap pictures. This is one of many! Amber (Wuollet) Laulainen had told me that the leaves are starting to change and the drive should be gorgeous, and how right she was! Near the road the yellow, gold and orange were bright and the hillsides were bright red. No picture could capture the beauty (at least not with my camera) so often I didn't even try. There were two things that I have wished to see sometime when I venture up there, to see a moose in that state and to see Mt. McKinley. I was able to see both.
While in Fairbanks, I spent a couple nights at the Super 8. One of the employees saw me looking at a map and questioned if I needed help with finding anything. Told him I was simply seeing where I should go first and wondered if he had any ideas. He told me of Chena Hot Springs, though I decided against going there this time, but... among other ideas he told me where to find the pipeline visiting center. I got in the car and started driving. The fog lifted just about a mile away so I could see this vast thing! 

10 minutes from Fairbanks is North Pole, Alaska! While in the gift shop you will be able to visit with Santa and have him send a letter to your loved ones if you wish. His reindeer are near by and are pretty photogenic so spent time snapping pictures of them as well. I went to the Visitor Center there in town and was fortunate that an elderly woman was working who wanted to talk about the town. There were at least a dozen things she recommended I see, if I had time, and was able to see all of it! Wheter you drive down St. Nicholas drive or Mistletoe Lane or eat at Elf's Diner you are surrounded by Christmas all through the year. Wendy's in town, has christmas decorations up at all times!

As I said earlier, I had wanted to see a moose while in Alaska. On the nature trail in North Pole, I was able to see this mamma and her baby.

While on the internet, before going there, I read about this museum. For any of you who find architecture amazing...you would find this place interesting. The design of the outside is amazing, but seeing the layout inside was even more so. Saw some amazing art, learned alot about difficult things in history and watched a show on what makes the northern lights. I spent a couple hours there, but could easily have spent more!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

The moose was definately worth talking to! She's a beauty!!

Great pictures Jen! You'll have to put together a list for me ... and maybe someday I'll make it up there and follow in your footsteps.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Looks like fun!