Monday, April 19, 2010

Where is everybody?

How is everyone doing? Any updates on life? Enjoying spring?

We are enjoying the beautiful and early spring! The grass is already full of dandelions and it is only mid April! I don't remember that happening before. Nor do I remember pulling out shorts and flip flops in April before. With warm weather, green grass, and no bugs, we are getting some fresh air. Tennis is the latest thing at our house. There is a court near the elementary school that is usually empty, so we can play our amateur ball without worry of annoying other players :).

School is still in full swing, both for the kids and for me. Genetics is fascinating, but continuing to give me a good mental workout! Hopefully twenty years from now I will be able to say it was the toughest course I have ever taken.     ...One last push and the end of the semester will be here. My last final is May 15. It would be nice to go through the summer too, but there is enough action around here that I will probably wait until fall to hit it again.

Hope to hear from everyone soon. Happy Spring!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Seems like I've typed this but don't know where! Last Thursday we
celebrated "Reino's Spring Fever" with bbq burgers, potato salad, beans, pickles and apple pie enjoyed by all the Manor residents.
That was our 3rd annual. I do a Manor residents get-to-gether in
Dec. when the decorations are up but that one is done in our apt. from 2-4 so everyone isn't here at the same time.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Spring sure has arrived and am loving the weather!

This month has brought new things for me to do and experience, which is always fun. Attended my first Congressional District Convention and am looking forward to the state convention this coming weekend. Leading up to the convention I participated in the nominations committee where we nominated folks for certain roles within the DFL party. Was quite interesting to learn the process.

Charlie's birthday was celebrated at the shop with enough cheesecake for me not to need anymore for at least a week! Had an extra pan so dropped it off for Elizabeth so she could join in on celebrating that week's birthdays.

Besides volunteering for Paul Thissen's campaign, my evenings have been filled with coming up with new crafting ideas. Have numerous projects started and will be interesting to see if any actually get completed.

That's life from Wanamingo...

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for posting :)

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I'm loving spring!

Last night, Shawn was able to be out doing field work... how weird to have that happening so early in the year.

Life at our house is keeping us busy. Going to work, getting home, and trying to get things done at home. Our sheep have all lambed and the lambs are growing quickly. The pigs have had their piglets and there are 14 little pigs running around. Heidi points and giggles at them. 3 cows have calved thus far and we aren't sure how many left to go...12-15 possibly.

This past weekend, we had a booth at EarthFest trying to sell our produce and will be fun to see if we get any orders coming in. One lady ordered 20 chickens and then Heidi's daycare provider ordered 20chickens, so we are back into the raising and butchering of chickens this summer... not my favorite task, but it may make us a little bit of money :)

Heidi is growing like a weed. Still not talking, still not walking, but babbles a lot and stands on her own. The sisu in her makes her a bit stubborn and she is starting to show she wants to be independent. She loves the outdoors and happily points at her animals and loves to try pet the sheep. Last night we went up to see the cows and she attempted to "moo" at them. The cows would not have recognized the sound, but Mommy did :)She makes different sounds for each animal and she is learning to grunt at the pigs. It is quite commical.

Shawn had work for a while, but finished up the jobs and is waiting for the others to start. It gives him time to get other projects wrapped up that he has been working on for a while.

I'm still loving my job with Legal Aid. Learning new things everyday and would be very interested in going to law school, but won't be pursuing that in the near future.

This weekend, I think we are heading to some auctions... to be determined if just Shawn goes or if Heidi and I go with him. He has been gone a lot lately to various auctions (cattle and machinery) but they are usually during the week, or it hasn't been a very kid friendly auction so difficult with Heidi.

That's life at our house...