Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I know that MN and AZ have been warm lately ...

we haven't made it there quite yet in AK.
We do have rhubarb waking up tho'.

Daylight is not just creeping up on us anymore, it is coming by leaps and bounds. Love it!! The lights are no longer on lighting the driveway. The day has sprung when the kids hit the bus at 6:35 a.m. The sun is peaking at the peak of the mountain when I'm driving to work at nearly 8 a.m. And the sun is warm. Love the warmth of the sun!

Daylight is lasting longer as well. At it's darkest, I leave work in the dark at 4:30 pm. Now, if you look at the horizons as 9 and 3 on the clock, the sun is at about 1:30ish in the sky when I leave. Soon there will be setting in the west, no rising in the east. It will just spin circles and dip in the north. It is truly amazing. This passing of time. This passing of seasons. This coming of yet another spring and summer.

Then there are the jokes that nature plays on us. This morning our world is sprinkled white again. I love to watch the surprise on a face. Tia was mid brush stroke with the toothbrush when she noticed there was snow. Immediate pause. Anna was on her way out the door to the bus and did the pull up short and "whoa!" thing. It'll be gone this morning. There isn't much of it. It'll water the rhubarb and the strawberry plants.

Happy Spring!

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Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Spring has sprung in Brainerd also.
Haven't been to look myself but
your father reported the rhubarb is
up, leaves showing on the roses.
Should really take the time, bad
knee and all, and see what winter kill I should remove before the new growth is too tall. :)