Sunday, April 05, 2009

Random photos from Randalls

Can't say that there is much new here, but life is full of simple moments. Here are a couple random pictures from the past couple days.

The kids enjoyed the community Easter egg hunt... As you can see, they have several activities for the kids. Laura even won a $10 gift certificate to a community ed event.
Debbie and Steven are part of a choir that includes young people from 3 area congregations. They held a beautiful Easter program last evening. It was a fundraiser event with procedes going toward the purchase of new song books for Stony and Hasscib. (Can't find them in this little picture? Debbie is middle row, second from left; Steven is top row, third from right.) The kids manage and direct the choir on their own. They develope their own parts, etc. In addition to singing they have an instrumental component which they also self direct. For the fundraiser portion of the event they put together a festive, candle lit evening coffee. Again, they did it on their own from the planning to the baking to the serving and clean-up. Lots of talent and energy!
Ah, yes. Spring will come. The sun will shine. Flowers will grow. We will plant grass. For now, we will be content with styro cup reminders while we brush a fresh dusting of snow off the car.

John doesn't like letting his hair grow too long. This was wayyy toooo long. He convinced me to let him cut it himself :)

Denise decided to help him out a bit... He actually did a pretty decent job :)


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thank you for posting. Would have
been nice to hear them sing. We
enlarged the group picture a little
so was easier to see them. dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for posting. Who puts on the community easter event?

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

It is actually a city event, organized by volunteers with the help of city staff if I understand correctly. It started small several years ago and has grown. Now they get donations and involvement from local businesses too. Target donated the bikes, grocery store was giving away bottled water, etc. The mayor was an active community organizer before she became mayor and is still very involved in these events. Sort of the small town feel still as the city grows...
The cub scouts are mostly responsible for the egg hunt portion of the day. Not sure who funds the candy, etc.

It would be a fun event to organize there!