Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are back

Trip to AZ went fine. Stopped at a gallary of "also rans"; those who lost presidential elections.
Snow in Flagstaff. Went straight to the church and got there 1/2 hr. before Seniors' Camp started. On Friday we went to a candy factory in Glendade. My regret was that didn't think of
taking picture with phone of a 400# choc. heart and then send it on Sat., Valentine's Day. Have
found out that I can't send photos to AK, even if it is one of the 50 states.

Enjoyed our stay at the Kuoppala residence. Ken and Betty and Paul, Kendra and children came
one evening. Pa learned where to bring the girls for school and pick them up as we would be kid
sitting while they went to AK. Debbie was there for about a week and the girls loved her to
death! Went to the Zoo on presidents' day. Got pictures to add to the books some got for

Kendra came and picked up the girls on Sat. and after cleaning up the house a bit, we headed out, first to an orange orchard. Then to the ostrich farm. Spent one night on the road before
arriving at the other Kuoppalas.

Started coughing somewhere along the way. They were sure it was from all the pollen in the
air. Elsie bought some steaks, etc. and Willie did the grilling at their new home in Carthage.
Somewhere in my notes I have how many square feet but don't feel like looking it up now.

We left last Sunday morning, driving as far as Cameron, MO. When we stopped, Pa couldn't
get me to stand. Eventually did as I walked into the motel on my own power. Decided to go to
the ER. They did blood work and x-ray. Pneumonia. Pa felt that if we had waited for morning to go to the ER, he would have had to call an ambulance that I would have been so much worse
and wouldn't have been able to stand at all.

This morning we had a new baby granddaughter. Cute name. I'm coughing. Really tired.
Blizzard here today. They plowed the lots and shoveled the sidewalk but it's blown in, half full
anyway. Eye exam tomorrow. Continue going through the tub of mail. Will get out Newsletter
when I feel better. Some don't read it anyway. Enjoyed reading the Kuoppala blog. Should
sent out a card to Jim and Jan Takala. Talked with Jan at Heather's baby shower. Said we'd
bring Ed some donuts. Didn't get done. dk


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Diane, you sound a little down, maybe it's just because you're not feeling well? What a drag to have pnuemonia, hope you are feeling better!! I just read on Kendra's bebo tonight that Heather and shawn had their baby...what did they name her? Congratulations to the new parents, can't wait to see some pictures!!
Good to hear you made it home safe and sound:) Thanks again so much for watching the kids, hopefully they weren't too bad for you! I sent you a package today, so be looking for it in the next couple days.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

and I went out to get the mail today, hoping to see the newsletter...

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Let's see if I can get this right.
6lb 7oz. 19 in. Heidi Juliane born at 5 a.m. yesterday. Baby and parents are doing well. Hard to tell who she looks like, but apparently she has some of her parents' characteristics. She has hair (not red like Heather thought it might be :)) but has enough of a receding hairline that she looks like her dad and she can yell loudly like her mom. (guess where that came from) According to her dad, she is the most beautiful baby ever! They were hoping to be able to go home Wednesday morning.
When you get home, Heather, we'll be waiting to see pictures!!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

If I sound down, I probably am.
Very tired. Did wash clothes today. Pa carried laundry basket to and fro. I am just so exhausted. Not from what we did in
AZ, but later from this pneumonia
thing. Just think, I couldn't stand! I'm aging in a hurry!! dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Jenny, did you and Frans get my message? I called and left a message on your home answering machine Tuesday morning with the news. I also called Becky, Charlie, David and Ivan. I talked to Becky and Charlie, so know that they forsure had heard. Hope David and Ivan got the message too!

Mom, can't wait to go to Brainerd to see pictures and hear stories! This weekend, I'm going to the range to meet Miss Heidi, so it'll have to be a later date.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

no Jen, I didn't hear your message. but I did now! thanks for calling:) I never know when I have messages on my home phone, because I always use my cell phone. Jenny