Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas preparations in the north

At the moment Blogger is not my friend.

I cannot upload pictures to share with you all. Maybe some other time in the next few days.

Cookies and pulla are baked. Anything that isn't done at this point is just not going to get done!

Gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Hoping that everyone is a tad bit pleased.

We've been busy with shindigs ... others we've skipped. Friday evening we went to an adult Christmas party. Delicious food ... wonderful laughs. Saturday evening we celebrated Tia's turning 12! Where on earth has time gone?! Saw Mom's comment on another post about how big the girls have grown. Just for fun ... imagine this: we left Arizona 13 months ago and Tia was wearing size 7 capris. Today she is wearing some size 2 juniors jeans. Yikers!! Sunday evening we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday School program. Tried sharing pictures ... no go tonite.

Braved WalMart this evening. Ugh. I drove around their parking lot on Sunday and left. Was not about to battle the crowd for the couple things I was in need of that day. Tonite it was not an option. I work in the morning and dinners need to be prepared. Had to just bite the bullet and hit the store. I hope I remembered everything. Shoot!! Forgot cranberries. Will have to do without them I guess. Tomorrow Jen arrives!! Can't wait for her to be here sharing the holiday with us. I work and hopefully it won't be too late. The earlier I'm off the better. The plan is to have home made pizza for dinner. Frans probably remembers my pizza making ... I think it is better these days. If not ... I'll serve plenty of salad to boot! I've also decided that Santa needs a bit of a reprieve. We are opening all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. Santa can save those muscles of his for the little ones ... and just fill our stockings in the night. I've been wanting to do that for YEARS! Christmas Day we will be joined by Ryan, Amber & Nolan. Altho' my tastebuds beg for seafood ... turkey it will be this year. If you're interested in joining us ... strawberry rhubarb pie, apple pie, blueberry pie .... do we really need a turkey??

Work calls bright and early. Enjoy your Christmas .. we will try making phone calls and chatting sometime in the next few days. We miss all of you and wish you a Blessed Holiday. May the New Year bring you all good fortune.

Oh ... and by the way ... we had a beautiful 4 inches of white dusting today. It looks gorgeous out there!

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Enjoy your holiday season!