Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life at my house...

We are saying "Farewell" to the white mare. She will be going to a new home tonight. Someone borrowed her last summer and the girl really liked her, so she is going to take her forever starting tonight. She really is a good girl, we just don't do horses...
My new addition to Admiral Acres. I got a donkey. He is so sweet and hasn't (as of yet) escaped. Hopefully he won't try. He was well loved by his former owner, but due to health reasons, she was moving. I got the honor of taking "Bucky". He loves his carrots and is very sweet!
We have ducks nesting. The picture above only shows one duck, but there really is 2 of them there. I think they are sharing a nest as they will switch spots. Not sure how many eggs they are laying on, but it's a lot! It took me a long time to find them, but now can throw them corn every day.
This girl made her next next to the corn feeder. I found her accidently, when I stepped on a board, which sort of made her nest jump and she reacted. Now, we have moved bales from around her and I'm obsessed with making sure her next is undisturbed.

We have a goose that is laying eggs too, but everytime I go out there, there is no nest. She lays out there and the others watch out for her, but then "nothing". I've puzzled over this, but got my answer last night. She was on the nest, the others were watching out for her. Then, she leaves, in the field with the others and in comes a big crow, takes the egg, and leaves with it. Guess I have to build some sort of pen to put them in for laying so that the eggs have a chance of surving a day for me to get them.

I got an incubator and we plan to try incubate some turkey and duck eggs. Being as they are the same humidity, temperature, and amount of days, I'm going to do them together. Hope to get that started tonight and see how many hatch in 28 days or so.

If anyone wants some eggs - we have a lot of them. We have been getting 32-35 eggs per day. Yesterday got a new record of 40 chicken eggs. Thankfully, we are able to sell them all. We won't keep them in our fridge for more than a week and sell them. We haven't thrown them away and I don't yet have a freezer full of chiffon cakes.

Hope things are going well for everyone. Hope to see a post from those of you that haven't posted in a while!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Who would have thought that our
little girl would grow up to be
loving a farm! We'll pick up some
meat on Friday when we drop off the
cemetery basket. Just 10 lbs.
Someone wants 5, someone wants 1
and we'll round it off by taking
4! We still have some from before.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Just got an order for 6 more lbs. dk