Monday, April 09, 2007

This, that, and a lot of blah, blah,blah...

How was everyone's Easter? What did others do?

I do read the blog spot consistently, but haven't had anything exciting going on in life, but being as it has been so quiet...

I got sick last week, so didn't want to do much this weekend. Thanks for the invite to Brainder though - we will come again soon. I've missed too much work and just wanted to start feeling better. So, Friday we got off early from work - just a treat from the top dog. He does that occassionally. Went home and slept for a while, then Shawn and I went to Taco John's. It was very bad food.

Saturday, I worked on cleaning some while Shawn went to a horse sale. Not sure why he needed to go, but I declined the offer of going with as I don't want anymore horses. He gets home and says he has to go back on Sunday to pick them up. He bought 4 for us and 1 for Loy and Mindy.

So, Sunday, he left early to get horses. I meanwhile am still not supporting this decision. We now have - in a corral - 4 horses (3 are young), 11 calves who are growing more and more everyday, and 3 goats. Our own little petting zoo. Walter agrees that being as Shawn got 4 horses, it's time for me to get the llama. I'm going to find out when the next exotic auction sale is and am going to try and get me a llama. Oh yeah, we have 100 chickens coming in a couple weeks and plans to get pheasants.
So, while he was picking them up, I went to church, then home to continuing organizing things and Laurie came over for a while. I clipped a bunch of recipes and am going to put them into a folder/album. It is so hard to use a recipe box unless you know what you are looking for. If you just want to try out new recipes, it would be nice to see them.
What do others do for their recipes? I'm going to try and get a folder and then put in protected sheets that have slots that would fit recipe cards. That way, you can see them easy, flip the page and see the back side of the recipe card. It will be so easy to add in new pages too, when I find more recipes. Well, Shawn got home, we took the horses out of the trailer he borrowed, loaded Mindy's back in and put ours in our trailer. Then, to deliver Mindy's horse. We had to drive out to Markham to return the trailer. Someone out there is feeding deer. No joke, I counted 25 deer in their yard and I know I didn't get all of them counted. Would be nice for deer hunting =). Anyway... We returned to our home, put the horses into the corral - the cows are intimidated, the goats don't care, and the horses are curious. No fighting, kicking, or biting though. I always get so nervous about that. Maybe these are too young to really kick it out to show who's boss. Walter and Sylvia then came over to see the horses and Randy came later. So, the planned nice quiet Easter was very nice, just not so quiet.

Interesting point from a discussion we had last night:
Did you know that when you die, someone has to file your taxes for the year? If Shawn and I die together, I sympathize with whoever is stuck with that tedious task =(. I'd say forget the filing and then what? What could they do if we are both dead? 2 things that are sure in life, death and taxes - neither of which eliminate the other - interesting.

Have a wonderful week!!!!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Sorry you couldn't make in on Easter Sunday. Elizabeth and Jen
came. They had to hunt for Easter
eggs. Today, Monday, Becky and
Brian on down came. They also had
an Easter egg hunt. So, all in all, we had a very nice Easter
weekend. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Hi there Heather!

Anna would dearly love those horses of yours. Jari found out that most hay is shipped in to Alaska and rather expensive. Could very possibly eliminate the chance for us to have the experience of horses.

I keep recipes in a 3 ring binder. I actually typed out my favorites & have them in sheet protectors. Then I keep adding and adding and adding everything interesting I find to the front and back of the book. They look appetizing while I'm looking at them in the magazine, I put them in the book & there they stay.

Our house was listed with a realtor yesterday & hit MLS today. She is rather aggressive from what I've heard, so will see what happens.

Brock is AIMS testing this week. I bring him to a hotel conference room at Scottsdale & Shea every afternoon. It got me out of working this week and gives me time to study a bit for an ACLS that I have to take.

Just completed the 3rd trip to WalMart for the week & and it is only Wednesday. Not bad, huh?

Have an awesome Thursday!