Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello from da Range

I just wanted to post to see what's going on:

Anita & Jari: How is the sale of the house going, many people looking at it? Any expressed interest?

Charlie & Machelle: Where have you been, what's been going on?

Dave & Jody: what is going on around your house?

Liz: Haven't heard from you on the blog.

Haven't heard from Gary - don't know that he has access to it.

Laurie - haven't heard from you in a while.

Ivan & Missi - how are the wedding plans coming? Ivan - are you back out on the golf course yet?

Jen: Where have you been? Would be nice to hear from you on here as well. Do you have access now working for Charlie?

Here's a Heather update:
I went to an auction on Saturday, no llama for me. Shawn doesn't want me to get one, I'm going to, but have to fence in more land first. Will try to find one around here so it will be easier to haul. I did buy 3 more goats. The sad part is that one of them looked sickly last night and was dead this morning. I guess sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The rest of the goats seem to be healthy. Will be trying to buy more soon. Am possibly going to be putting 2 of the goats in an auction soon and see what they go for.

We are getting 100 chickens tomorrow, so worked this weekend on cleaning out the chicken coop. Have to insulate it and put more plywood on to finish up the inside tonight. Then, on Wednesday, we get 20 more chickens, but those will be laying, so we can proudly hang a sign at the end of the driveway - "fresh eggs for sale". We were talking to a guy the other day who's theory I agree with. There is no money in any one animal unless you have a lot of money to make it huge. We don't. So, he says, you need to have a little of everything. We are working on it: cattle, horses, goats, chickens (butcher and laying), and we will see what comes next. Probably get a couple pigs this summer to raise for a month and then butcher to sell.

Is anyone interested in buying pork? Beef? chicken? Let me know as we will be taking orders

I've also begun biking again. Last week on Monday I went 6 miles, Wednesday - 15 miles, Friday 16 miles. Didn't go over the weekend due to the auction and rainy weather. Am hoping to leave work early today to get to Hibbing to buy a bike and then go for a bike ride tonight. Probably can't go for too long, but at least do some miles.

Anyone have any big plans for the summer? Are Lauri and Elsie coming? If so, when? Should I try to rent Kaleva Hall for a get together?

Take care everyone!!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Hello everyone:) Hope everyone is having a good monday. Good to hear from you Heather and Becky! It's nice to read from others on the blog:) I have some good news I want to share ...we are going to have another little munchkin in December!!!!:) I was not going to tell, and the girls and us have kept it a secret for about a month. But at a birthday party I was at on Saturday, I accidently spilled the beans, and I was so mad at myself!! Oh I figured I'd better tell the family so you don't hear from someone else. We are so excited and the girls are besides themselves, and can't wait to have the baby:) It has been so fun having this secret with them. We'll be on the way to church or something, and Lindsey will say...Kierstyn, don't forget that we can't tell anyone about our baby! And Frans took great joy in informing the girls that they did a great job on the secret, but it was mom who told:) I am guessing that I am only 6 maybe 7 weeks. I have been so nausous in the mornings, and can't get going with my day until around 11...I hate it. And there have been a lot of days it lasts all day. And I am sooo exhausted. I have never been this tired. At any given time I could lay down and fall asleep...and sleep for hours. And I don't wake up refreshed...I wake up thinking I could keep sleeping for another 2 or 3 hours! (maybe it's a boy:) ) (hey, I can hope can't I)
Other than that, not much else is new. Bedroom #3 is getting started on today:)
I leave to MN on Wed. the 27th at like 2:15 and get there at 7:15 and I come home at 5p.m. on monday the 2nd. Can't wait! Becky, I would like to stay there some if I can. Stefan's wedding is in mpls and Curtis' in Rockford. And yes, I would like to go to church in Elk River. I am going to rent a car, so won't have to rely on anyone for a ride which is nice. Becky, maybe I can stay with you guys Thursday night, and Saturday night for sure. I'll figure out the rest as it gets closer, and I find out where some of my family in Seattle will be. I want to make time to see them too.
Happy monday everyone...I am actually feeling good today for once, so am taking advantage of it cleaning, etc...and I have to run to costco.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

in case you couldn't figure it out, that was from jenny:)

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Anita here.
Congratulations Frans, Jenny & girls!
Heather .. good for you on the biking. Easter candy (Cadbury mini eggs in particular) added at least 10 pounds to my waistline. I started doing the mile walk video with good intentions. Lasted 2 days. Must get motivated again soon. (Should probably pitch the after Easter chocolate I have hiding as well .. might help!)
Our house has been listed for almost 2 weeks. 2 open houses, tomorrow is a realtor tour ... no bites. People coming through for Open House, but no one is interested in buying. Great Gravy!! We just keep on a cleaning .. and cleaning .. and cleaning. If you want to see what the house looks like when the photo folks come through will send you to our house. There are pictures of the inside along with a virtual tour.
Yesterday we spent the day in Prescott celebrating Pekka & Laina's birthdays. Laina fell on Saturday. Head took a serious hit, is convinced she broke her tail bone .. other than that moving a bit slowly from aches & pains. And of course, refused to go to the doctor. She got a regular walker for her birthday and would prefer one with a seat. We happily pitched in to upgrade. She has been quite unsteady in the past 6 months. Am pumped if she will use the thing.
Next weekend we are going to Powell for one last hurrah ... this time with no kids. Just adults. Have never done that. Promises to be a great time.
If I could get away with it, the following weekend I would find somewhere else to go .. maybe Prescott again. I have a meeting up there on the 4th. Alyx must be in town tho', so can't ditch. We are hoping to do another California weekend before the end of May. I think there is only 1 other weekend available. Will have to see if Frans & Jenny want to go as well. Would be fun. We've only talked about it a hundred times or so! Anybody from MN want to join us?
Am attempting to crack the pencil/pointer over Brock today. Ugh. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a teacher. This is a bit draining when deadlines are looming & things just don't get done like I expect them to.
That's about it for here!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

When you go to the realtor link, click Featured Homes. We show up first. I thought the link would bring you straight to our house .. it doesn't.
-a yet again

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

congratulations! frans jenny and girls! that is so exciting. -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Congratulations Frans, Jenny, and Girls. That is so exciting!

Anita, Would love to join you in California, but not sure that is an option. I went yesterday and bought a new bike. It is so nice, but cost a bit of money. Last fall, Shawn was not impressed with me buying a bike, but I proved I'd use it, so no issue now. Bike ride yesterday: 11 miles.

What are people saying about the house or do you hear their comments? Laurie and I were talking the other day about how nice it would be to fly down for a weekend to see your house before you sell it. I'm still holding out for Alaska though. It's how hot down there?

I think we could start up a journal of sorts on here. We set up exercise/... goals and we have to record if we meet them each week. 1. gives us something to always write about and 2. we have someone to check in with. What does everyone think?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Congratulations Frans, Jenny and girls! Crossing my fingers for a boy!

OK. Wow! That house looks awesome Anita and family! You all have done a phenomenal job!

Not much going on here on the farm
other than the same ole stuff. : )
Tristan says the words belly button, bye-bye, hi, bottle, dad and some very intriguing little dialogues amongst himself while playing or while I'm driving.

He runs all over the place, I'm hoping he run faster and longer, maybe I can shed those Easter pounds! Way too much ham!

Looking for a house, but sorry the Marjanen house is just a touch out of my range. : )

Rode with Tristan to Heather's yesterday and it is sound like those little toy barns with all the animal sounds! Love it!

Take Care.
Laurie and T : )

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I think you should come visit the next one instead. People like the house ... say it looks nice .. just aren't buying. Haven't heard what the realtors said when they trouped through yesterday. Hoping they have some great ideas that can help sell it.
The weather here has been perfect! I think that is over. It is warm outside this morning and that is probably here to stay. Will let you know how warm it gets today.
Have a good one all!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

First, Frans and Jenny, congratulations. After I finish
Michelle's quilt it will leave me
24 to go! :)
We looked at the home tour but
didn't find sound. Will have to
try again.
Lauri and Elsie are not coming.
I'd like a few chickens but cut up
to take less room in our one and
only refrigerator freezer.
Beautiful day. Tired. Woke up at
4:00. Quilted some. Went to Sr.
Center for coffee and donut. Ruth
came also. dk