Monday, November 07, 2011

Life at our house...

Here's a glimpse into life at our house over the past few days:
Wednesday we brought the girls in for their flu shots. Wednsday night Heidi ran a fever, but we figured it was due to the shot, so weren't real worried. Thursday AM, Shawn says he isn't feeling well and he is heading to the ER; thinks he may have kidney stones. Rather than packing the girls up to go with, he figured he would just go himself. I called daycare and confirmed that Heidi could come evern with the fever as we ALL figured it was due to the shot. Shawn heads out the door about 7 and I left later with the girls, brought them to daycare and headed to work.
Half way to work and my phone rings. Shawn calling to say he has a kidney stone 8mm with jagged edges, they want him to go to Virginia for surgery today. (We doctor in Mt. Iron, but use the Hibbing hospital; they, however, don't have a Urologist, so this surgery has to be done in Virginia). He says that if I don't go and get him, they will send him in the ambulance. I turn around and head to Hibbing. Get to the hospital; get all his paperwork and head out the door. As we are leaving the parking lot, the phone rings, Heidi has had a seizure at daycare. We quickly navigate a different way out of the parking lot and head to Cherry to pick up Heidi.
Thankfully, Jen was working up here during the week. I called her. She was still in Virginia. Asked if she could meet me at the clinic, so I could bring Heidi in to see the doctor and if she could get Shawn to the hospital for surgery. What a gem, she was there. I headed in with Heidi and Shawn heads off in the care of Jen.
Heidi sees the doctor and I'm told, "it's a viral thing, just control the fever". Take her with me to the hospital to check on Shawn.
Got there in time to see him before going into surgery. The doctor says it will be about an hour, so Jen and I head to Target to get some Tylenol and Ibuprofen for Heidi (and some shoes, we left daycare in a hurry). Got back well within the hour.
Jen heads out.
Heidi and I are waiting, she heats up and has another seizure.....
Called Jen to come to my rescue. Could she come and follow up with making sure Shawn made it through surgery fine, I was going to have to do something with Heidi. As I'm heading out the door with Heidi, the surgeon comes out to say Shawn made it fine, they got the stone...
Frantically, I call our doctor, she says, if the fever won't go down, walk across the hall to the ER being as I'm still at the hospital waiting to see Shawn and give Heidi another dose of Ibuprofen. Gave her the medication and played the waiting game.... we had already begun trying to cool her off... wet towels under the arms, and that whole bit... with her laying on the changing table in the restroom.
Nurse comes out to say that we can go see Shawn. Headed back, he is not looking that great, but could go home. Told him that Heidi had another seizure to which his response was, "she isn't coming home without being seen". She was still lethargic and not doing too hot. The nurse in after surgery recovery says that Shawn can stay there. They will discharge him and have him wait there while I bring Heidi in to the ER.
Brought Heidi in... of course the fever had come down. The ER doctor questioned me on EVERYTHING! How do you know she had a seizure, what did it look like?
I explained exactly what she does, arms and legs moving, eyes rolling back in her head, spewing out spit up/phlegm.... to which the doctor says, "okay, so she did have a seizure"... "umm, yeah, she has had 10 of them"
"you probably don't treat it right" is the next comment. I had to pull out the medication and prove that I was treating it as I was supposed to be....
Next comes the pat on my shoulder, "your little girl will be fine, just treat the fever"!
Went to get Shawn and headed home. Jen had picked up Hailey and brought her home for me. We hung out at home for a while and sure enough, Heidi starts skyrocketing again with a fever.
Shawn called our daycare provider and Tom came to get Hailey.
We headed to the ER with Heidi.
They admitted her to the ER rather than Urgent Care. She had a high fever; got testing done, white blood cell count was 23,000. The doctor said he doesn't believe it is that elevated due to only a viral infection. Gave her a shot of anitbiotic and we took her home. My daycare provider told me that they would just keep Hailey over night. We didn't get home with Heidi until about midnight!
Friday, all went well, kept everyone home!
Saturday, Jen watched the girls while Shawn and I went hunting.
There was more pressure this, then ever! I've been in big buck/big doe contests and don't really care about the outcome... this year, the 2 year old kept saying... "Mine Momma shoot deer, take it home, cook it up, and eat it". We weren't allowed to entertain the thought of not getting one, with one exception...
We were sitting in a doctor's office earlier this fall. Heidi draws a picture and I inquired what it was... "shoot". Her story: "momma shoot deer, miss, shoot me, me die, put me in garbage"...
Anyway, we got out to the woods Saturday morning, I headed to the stand and Shawn was going out somewhere else and then back to a trail. I don't have a ton of patience. I sat there for a while, hoping a deer would cross my path, and then gave up. Started blowing on the buck grunt. Before too long, I can hear them coming through the woods, but they turned away and headed a different direction. I was bummed, turned around to see if I could get a glimpse at them, saw Shawn... he had seen a buck, but didn't get it, shot a doe. I had seen the one run and figured it may come back, turn around and my buck is standing there looking right at me (about 30 yards away). My thought was... "I don't care if he shot at you, you're alive, you're mine" and pulled the trigger. I got him. By 9AM we were working on gutting the deer. By 11:00 we were home with them in the back of the truck and had made a couple stops on the way home :)
Saturday afternoon, Hailey woke up from her nap, running a fever. Our lives consist of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Shawn went in today and got his stint taken out. Hoping he recovers quickly! Heidi doesn't need medication quite as often :) Hailey has not yet had a seizure :) 

Here's our deer!
 The girls checking out the deer!
Hoping this finds everyone else doing well and hoping you can avoid all bugs (viral and bacterial) this time of year!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

What a story. What a doctor! Thanks for posting. I think I will print it and save it. Mom

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

That is quite the story! Next time I am having a busy day, I will come back and read this :) Life here is busy busy too...Baby will be here on Wednesday if not before, and we can't wait! I've got the swing set up, the cradle out, the clothes all washed...come on baby!
I had another ultrasound last friday, so we are now positive that this little turkey is a boy :) They told us that in the first (19 week) ultrasound, and I already had a baby shower, but Frans and I still had our doubts! I will let you all know via text with a picture when he arrives. I don't have numbers for everyone in my phone anymore, so hopefully Frans does!