Friday, November 19, 2010

Just me. :)

I will have to chat with Mom & Dad on the cell phone and figure out why they can't upload photos. It works for me.

Life at our house ...

fires burning in the woodstove as the temp dips below the teens and doesn't want to rise above that during the day.

The season of pumpkin and sugar is upon us.
Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already next week.
Aaach! What am I going to do?!

Highly unexpected, we haven't lost our snow since the first snowfall.
It has stayed with us.
We don't have oodles of it, but we do have it mixed in with the ice
in the yard. Makes walking a treacherous sport around here somedays.

Quick recap of family life over here:

Jari has been on the North Slope this week and should be home this weekend.
Anita started working 4 ten hour shifts a week and is loving it! Gives me a long weekend two weekends in a row with days off rotating each week.
Blayde is still working at Lowe's and finishing up some last college classes.
Alyx moved out on her own last evening. She moved in with some friends several miles down the road.
Brock is working here and there ... and high school graduation is slated for spring.
Anna is working at McDonalds and earning money. Black Friday shopping is every high on her list right now.
Tia is back in regular school. We decided that online school just wasn't going to work with our current "lifestyle". She's thoroughly enjoying her new school ... even if the bus ride is about 90 minutes each way. 
We've had sick people here for the past week, but it looks like they're on the mend.
Looking forward to the busy of the holidays around the corner .. all the hustle and bustle of busy activities.

Wishing everyone well. 

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