Friday, December 11, 2009

Michelle's Bridal Shower

Picture of Becky and her girls which includes the Bride-to-be with her cake.

Grandpa drove to Randalls.  After the food and gifts were loaded into the van, Denise
drove to Ridgedale where Becky arrived shortly by bus from school.  Then on to the
Gary and Pirjo Wuollet home.   Pirjo is from Finland so the home was decorated with
lots of Finnish decorations.  A large himmeli slowly turned from the heat created by lots
of candles on the coffee table.  The tree was decorated with tinsel, straw ornaments and
some American decorations. 

In the meantime, Grandpa brought Steven and John to the Rogers school where John was in a concert which Grandpa videoed.  John plays the trombone.  After the concert they went to Cabela's.

Back to the shower.  Lots of  people.  Singing and then gift opening.  She received a
wide variety inc. a roaster oven from the ladies of the Elk River congregation.  She opened an 8 place setting of dishes, silver ware, canisters, towels, bedding and more.

Then the picture taken with the cake.  Delicious food, a wide variety of salads, open
face sandwiches, bars.  You know, the usual good food.

We had to wait to leave until all the guests left to start loading everything into the van.  In the meantime, Wayne had arrived from his last job which was in Indiana.  So it was late getting home and crawling into a comfy bed at 3 a.m.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

that sure is a nice looking group of ladies:) would have been fun to be there for your shower! see you soon tho!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for sharing the picture! I agree with Jenny - would have been fun to be there!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

We missed you there, but look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding!

We are hoping to do a picture of the alphabet soup and parents before the wedding. Will everyone be able to make it? Can we aim to do the picture 30 minutes before the wedding? Will meet downstairs in the fellowship hall by the fireplace if that works. Will that put too much stress on the photographer???

We are on the countdown!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Becky, I forgot to call you. . . I talked to Charlie, David, Liz and Ivan and told them to be there for the picture. The only one who hasn't given an answer, as far as I know, on whether or not he is forsure attending is Gary. I will see you then, if not before.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I hope to be at the wedding. Shawn says we can't say for sure as it depends on the weather. Have to find someone to do chores....

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I am excited that so many can make it! The countdown is on!