Saturday, June 07, 2008

AZ Kuoppala's update...

Hey all...! It's been a while since I posted, so thought I would catch everyone up on our lives a little.. thru pictures..
It is really starting to heat up here....we actually have been really spoiled, we had an awesome spring, and June was just beautiful! Now we finally reached the 100 mark, and it looks like it is going to steadily go up from here on! It's supposed to be 104 tomorrow, and we have an outdoor wedding to shoot! It's gonna be miserable! We have another wedding on June 28th, then that is it until September. I will enjoy the break!
We brought the girls fishing about a week ago at a lake nearby, and they had so much fun! I caught my first fish ever, and Lindsey caught 3! And if you ask her about it, she will tell you that, and will include that dad didn't catch anything! Kierstyn didn't have a ton of patience waiting for the fish to bite, and Toni and Alanys would have rathered just running around and playing, but it was a lot of fun! We need to start doing little outings like this more often!
Trina is growing like a weed....can't believe she is already 7 months old! She is such a happy baby, and is at a really fun stage right now. She is almost crawling, she loves playing in front of the mirror, she loves laughing with the girls, and her face just lights up when daddy gets home from work! It's just weird that the Marjanen's don't know her! (I am still looking for cheap tickets)
We are all loving summer vacation! Alanys just finished 8 days of swimming lessons, and is swimming awesome now! And dumb me forgot to bring my camera along every time!! Makes me so mad! oh well... Alanys told me today that she is a big girl more swim lessons, and now she's 3! (we celebrated with cake with grandma and grandpa Forstie)

We are all looking forward to our family trip to San Diego in a week! I have been wanting to go to CA for the last several years, and we are finally able to make it work! And I would rather wait until later in July, then it is warmer there, but who knows how high gas prices will be then! We better go now while we can still afford it! This is our first time taking a family trip like this, so we are so excited! We are going to go to Sea World, the san diego zoo and hopefully make it to the wild animal park as well. We were just planning to go to sea world, but costco had 3 for 1 passes for we are doing all three! What are everyone's plans for the summer? What is the price of gas in AK and MN? I filled up at costco today around noon for $3.97, and Frans went to costco at 5:00 and it was up to $4.00! A gas station in Tempe was $4.15....outrageous! And AZ is one of the cheapest places for gas!

Anyways...I could keep rambling...but it is 12:30, and I am tired!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Last time I filled up it was 3.77 but on the way to work today it was 3.99- the highest I've seen here yet so AZ must not be the cheapest for gas. It's been hovering around 3.80 to 3.90 for a while now. Enjoy your trip to Calif. Missi and I hope to make it there sometime in the next few years.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Cute pictures. Gas today at S&A was $3.999. I guess they are all
about that. Earlier today it was
$3.95. A day or two ago it was
$3.85. On the 26th of June we
leave for Virginia for the wedding
of Lisa Abercrombie and Les Byler.
Made reservations this morning for
2 nights at a motel in Culpepper,
Virginia. We plan on spending the
first night in the car, either at a
rest stop or Walmart parking lot.
We have to re-take pic of Richmond,
Virginia, capitol as it was under
repair when we were there 2 years
ago. We'll report on those gas
prices when we get back.
Next Sunday, the 15th is a 40th
anniversary for Leona and Terry
Wasti at Liz and Dan Hawkin's cabin
on Lake Amnicon. Lenny and Kathy
are coming. :) dk