Saturday, September 01, 2007


What a beautiful wedding ... I, too, was sort of wishing we could have popped all those umbrellas open during the wedding. Was sort of imagining the nice little noises it would have made. My picture leave a bit to be desired .. thank goodness I know where to find the photographer with the good ones!
Jari & I had a fun time exploring Seattle and the surrounding areas as much as we could. Wednesday we went to Whidbey Island and Deception Pass. Thursday we visited the Space Needle. I didn't feel the need to go the thing, just to see from the ground was enough for me. We attempted to find Pike Market at the same time ... it didn't work. I am so directionally challenged and we walked miles in the wrong direction. The hills are sort of like Duluth. Going down isn't bad ... thought we would just grab a cab/bus/trolley back up to the top. We hiked it instead. Good exercise!! We went to rehearsal in the evening after surviving the traffice there. :) Visited Ryan & Tiffany Huotari after rehearsal. Saturday morning we managed to make it to the Market. Could have spent an entire day down there. Was really fun. This time we headed to Martins house a bit earlier and traffic was much friendlier. The wedding was beautiful .. the setting incredibly picturesque. We had coffee at Denny's after the wedding with Mom, Isa, Heather and Jen. Once again getting back to our hotel rather late. This morning (hard to believe the wedding was only yesterday evening!) we meandered, drove around looking at things and even found a marina with a sales office where we could dream. Caught an earlier flight home today .. only by an hour .. but rather be home than in an airport. Hint/Tip: If you change your ticket at the ticket counter (at least with Alaska Airlines) it cost you $50 to change it. We changed it at the kiosk and it didn't cost a dime. Not sure that works the same with every airline, but I believe that Heather is going to try it tomorrow as well. Let us know if it works Heather.
Time to head for bed! Have a safe weekend everybody.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I was amazed that Kathryn led the
flower girls up the garden aisle, a little bashful with head down but she did it. She wasn't that
eager to pose for family pictures!
So anxious to buy a video, to relive it, minute by minute. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I was surprised that she rememberd all those things people told her to do! the only thing she forgot was to drop the petals! super cute they were all ADORABLE! -debbie